Letter to Baki: Come to your senses!

Security-Industry-in-PNG-Booming-teaserDear Mr. Baki,

I write to you concerning your defiance of the National Court orders issued yesterday in favour of Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru.

While you have stated that Mr. Damaru’s suspension was administrative in nature and that you were not influenced by the Prime Minister or his stooge, Isaac Lupari, your actions speak otherwise.

Firstly, the timing of the suspension is an error of judgment, even though “not politically motivated” as you stated.  The people of Papua New Guinea now see you as nothing but a political tool of the Prime Minster.

Your action to executive suspensions left the Fraud Squad no choice but to go to the courts to lift the suspensions.

Last night you held a press conference again maintaining that the fraud squad office will remain locked. I am no lawyer, but I view this as a defiance of the spirit of the court orders issued yesterday.

The RPNGC is being used for political gain. This noble organization is being used by the rich to protect the rich and policemen and women have become nothing but pawns in this game of chess.

Mr. Baki,

I urge you to come to your senses and put this political farce where it belongs – In the trash can – and restore confidence in the RPNGC.




2 thoughts on “Letter to Baki: Come to your senses!

  1. Gb… In his wisdom would refrain from harassing his very noble officers who tirelessly do thorough investigation to prosecute fraudsters and as commissioner comes in and interrupt is totally insane


  2. PM please if you say you are not guilty and the fraud squad do not have hard evidence, why are you avoiding questioning. Since Sam Kpoim and task for sweep team, you have disband the very team you cteated to fight corruptio, now looks like the very tool you created is coming back at you. You better prove your inocence for the people and the country. Stop all these nonsense of saying you are protecting the office of pm, or are you protecting your self. I suggest you step down and prove your inocense or the penalties will just keep rissing, and evidence will keep building and you will be forced out. Only time will tell.


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