Letter to PM: Damaru’s suspension

This is Mathew Damaru. He was beaten by his colleagues for standing up for his country


Dear  Mr. Prime Minister,

I write  to you with grave concern about the recent suspension of  the Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru and members of the  National Fraud and Anti-Corruption squad.

The recent turn of events involving the suspension of Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru, is a matter of serious national concern. Suspending a man who has garnered widespread public support because of his hard-line stance against top level corruption will work against the National Government and associated arms of Government.

Mathew Damaru is doing his job as stated in the construction and our laws and must be supported. He is not abusing members of the public. He is not giving the police a bad name. The law enforcement arms of government must be supported by all in government, especially you, Dear Prime Minister.

You cannot call it a “witch hunt” and mock the actions of a long serving dedicated police officer who is willing to rise above the rest.

Prime Minister,
If you are serious about fighting corruption, I suggest you start inside your own house. Let justice take its course. Let the courts prove you innocent.

To the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Gari Baki,
For the first time in a long time, you have restored some lost confidence in the RPNGC. I warn you not to squander all your hard earned gains by siding with the Prime Minister on Mr. Damaru’s suspension. You have to be independent.

I urge you, also, to reinstate Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru and Members of the Fraud squad. Let them do their job!

And in case you are wondering…Yes. this is a fake account and a fake name. We are all using fake accounts because we cannot speak out publicly anymore. Public gatherings are disallowed, anyone who speaks out against the PM is sued by the PM and his associates. There is no freedom anymore.



One thought on “Letter to PM: Damaru’s suspension

  1. Whose interest are we serving now when the citizens of the land who put you where you a are being trampled under and not heard?


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