Letter to Baki: Stop being a puppet!


Dear Commissioner Baki,

I write to you in disgust over the recent turn of events of  the  12 hours past.

It is highly disturbing that you initiate an investigation into the fraud squad to probe allegations of bribery and corruption.

Have you forgotten that the subject of investigation should be the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill and his associates?

Have you forgotten about Paul Paraka? The lawyer who has stole millions of kina from the government financial system?

I say again that you have become nothing but a pawn in the Prime Minister’s game of chess. You are trying your best to appear clean but you aren’t!

You downgraded yourself to something little more than a tool for the rich and powerful. Paul Paraka, the man behind all this chaos laughs at the pressure you are under. He goes home happy that the attention is on you and not him.

Dear Commissioner,

We are fighting a rich man’s battle! Open your eyes! We are fighting battles for the powerful who have no care for your men and women who live in dilapidated houses.

We are fighting battles for people who refuse to fight themselves.

You have become a puppet on a string for the puppet master. He tells you what to say and do.

Esteemed Commissioner of Police,

I beg you to come to your senses and stop this farce. Only you can end this.

Yours respectfully

thinking kanaka


2 thoughts on “Letter to Baki: Stop being a puppet!

  1. As per letter to the commissioner mention, he is not a puppet as you mention , this situation is concerning the constabulary code of ethics and its act by law that been written by the very ancestors of ours . Police has its standing orders in terms of chain of command , seem the commioner been neglected to be consulted by fraud officers which a slam to the office of the commissioner ,his prerogative to get all police officers to know that there is only one commissioner and every police officers as to consult him before any arrest or investigation is carried out however its not been done so as a commissioner he must lay the rules on the floor . we all are bond by rules and regulations .lastly but not the least my good friend lets try to give advice as much as possible instead of demoralized other person professionalism he will be gone one day and your son will take his seat and if it happens ,history will repeat itself . thanks and bye for now


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