Letter to University students

protest 1.jpg

Dear University Students,

I doubt you will be able to read and understand this letter given the fact that many of you are so self-centered and small minded and are unable to critically analyze the unfolding situation at hand,   let alone, think for yourselves.

This is probably because you came from an education system degraded by the Australian Aid sponsored education reforms and that you were taught by second rate teachers who cared only about their fortnight pay.

You have, sadly, become like them.

Anyway, if you have been posting worthy things and reading newspapers and watching the news   about the events surrounding the suspension of  of the Fraud Squad, you should now have gathered that this country needs your support.

We need a protest supported or led by the student representative councils of universities.

But I know many of you will not be able to read and fully understand this message because many may have cheated their way into first year.

Those who do read and understand are either too afraid to do anything or just don’t care about the world outside their own. You little pumpkins are probably just waiting to go out into the world with your substandard degrees and find a comfortable job and become a humble obedient, unthinking worker drones who swallow the shit given to you by your politicians and leaders.

But if you do get the message and fully understand my seemingly demeaning approach to your self acclaimed high intellect, get your thumbs out of your asses and organize yourselves and make the government listen.

You have to ask if your Student Representative Council president has been bought off. He probably has. That’s why he’s not calling meetings.

Otherwise, If you feel intellectually challenged. Don’t worry. I understand how desperately you want to feel good about yourself with the jobs you probably won’t get because of the corruption that happens in this country.


Thinking Kanaka


4 thoughts on “Letter to University students

  1. Being the self proclaimed intellect you are, why don’t you get off your ass and do something for your country like, oh I don’t know, come to UPNG and organize a protest. But in realize how unlikely that will be because your just one of the thousands of cowards sitting comfortably behind their keyboard and spitting shit trying to get their 30 seconds of fame from the social-media-illiterate people who can’t see you for the little bitch you are.


  2. Ol upim GPA… students are not self centred… who has the time lo startim wanpla protest… if u stap nating ok startim na bah mipla support na stap


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