Letter to Baki & PM: We know your plan!

baki o'niell

Dear Baki and O’Neill,

Don’t take us for fools. We know what you are doing and  we knew you had made a mess of it when you removed Damaru and Gitua.

Now your plan has been revealed by PNG Blogs

1.    Baki is under strict instructions to remove Damaru, Gitua, Simitab and all other experienced members of the National Fraud Squad. The will remove all!
2.    At the same time, Baki and his henchmen will conduct this ‘Internal Inquiry’ to find any dirt on Damaru, Gitua, Simitab and all members of the NFACD. –Subjective inquiry!
3.    Baki and his men intend to publish their findings in the media with a view to tarnish the names of NFACD officers including Damaru, Gitua and Simitab.
4.    Baki and his men will use their findings to say that NFACD has been compromised hence all the officers are sidelined.
5.    Baki will replace NFACD with new officers and regard them as “independent”.
6.    Files at NFACD will then be compromised.
7.    These “independent” officers will ask Baki to request Peter O’Neill to come for a Police Record of Interview in relation to Paul Paraka matters, PNG Power generator case, UBS loan case etc.
8.    Peter O’Neill will willingly turn himself in for questioning by the new “independent” police officers at NFACD (off course without stepping aside as PM).
9.    The “Independent” Officers will, after interviewing, suspend the interview and claim that the evidence is insufficient to arrest the PM hence release him.
10.    After the release, PM will come out and say:
“I have always told you guys, the evidence is not sufficient to arrest and prosecute me. I maintained that nobody is above the law, but we must have “independent” people handling the matter. With the “independent” officers dealing with this case, they have done their professional job and found that there is no case. I have been subjected to a political witch hunt by people who had vested interest.”

This is the grand conspiracy. Baki and his men are under strict instructions not to obey any court orders. They are not obeying the court orders. They are deliberately executing this plan. NFACD office is still locked-down. It will not be open until that new “Independent Team” takes over.

We know!




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