Churches have to speak out on this CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!


Dear Churches,

You,  The Churches cannot hide behind the veil of faith and pretend that all is well in our country. You have to speak out about the corruption that is happening in the Parliament.

Churches have to take a stand against the suspension of the Fraud Squad and make a stand against the constitutional crisis that we face as a country by the Prime Minister’s doing.

Stand up for what is morally right!    Your voice has been silent on this issue.

You hide in your churches and preach the gospel yet you do not stand up against the rot!

Your priests and pastors who support a corrupt government for the sake of financial resources and financial gain are a disgrace!

Jesus Christ lived in the present and fought against a corrupt and evil regime in a manner that was radical in his time.

This is your time to be radical and to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Where are the church members who speak against evil and corruption on the pulpits?

I urge you to transform your prayer into action! Live the WORD that is within you.

Stand up for the downtrodden and the voiceless.

Be the voice of Papua New Guinea! Act Now!



Thinking Kanaka



One thought on “Churches have to speak out on this CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!

  1. I Think you cannot just force churches to follow what you are expressing in your letters. Can you be more diplomatic and detail in your letter. Churches are the highest office in the country and they cannot be persuaded by your short shallow letters.
    I suggest you come up with more structured and informative statements explaining facts things with facts and figures. It should be researched and well founded.
    I agree with this blog but we should get more informed information about the strike than this persuasive letters.


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