Wagambie voted ‘Hero of PNG democracy’


Anthony Wagambie Jr,

Yesterday you showed the true Melanesian spirit of dialogue and consensus as enshrined in our constitution. You met with Unitech students to find a way forward.

You have shown that solutions can be found amid tensions.

You have shown that police and the people, despite our many differences, can find a common solution.

We understand that being the commander in the second biggest City in Papua New Guinea is not an easy job. And managing a crowd of 2000 frustrated students plus an addition 2000 people is not an easy task.

We the students of Unitech Commend you for your efforts!

You are indeed a hero of the Melanesian democratic process and the Constitution of Papua New Guinea. You have followed the spirit of the constitution.

Thinking Kanaka


28 thoughts on “Wagambie voted ‘Hero of PNG democracy’

  1. I salute Mr Wagambi Jnr for what he did. And what’s so hard Commissioner Baki …..???? Why can’t you do the same here in POM …. It seems like you are a puppet, chicken and a hypocrite. Same on you, I can tell you that if the government changes after the 2017 General Election. You will be kicked out of the office like no-body cares while those certain individuals that you are protecting their interest will be laughing at you and say sorry mate I can’t help you, some-one else is in power now …


  2. U truly deserve a round of an applause & recongnition. A true ” Melanesian pasin” demonstrated in a professional & democratic manner. Our thank you is not enough, a true cultural value blo umi Melanesia.


  3. He is a morethan leader of this great nation
    We the odinary people salute for maintaining the democracy of this great nation


  4. Amidst all the negative publicity given to the RPNGC here’s a REAL cop who knows his job well and performs to the utmost of his ability and capacity. It’s little wonder he has excelled in his career to the senior hierarchies of the RPNGC at such a young age. Thank you Commander, you truly have a heart for the people.


    1. Hats off to you Mr Wagambie Jr. What else can you expect from the son of a top cop/Commissioner? The name Wagambie is synonymous with RPNGC. Their DNA is Police. Keep up the good work!


  5. Yes, Anthony Wagambie Jnr. That is primarily the duty statement of a cop – to protect a nation and its citizens and to enforce the rule of law without fear or favor AND NOT protect politicians and their interest. Nothing and no-one is “high profile”. Everyone is subject to the rule of law. You’ve done well brother. I salute you!


  6. A true son of the original “good time”policemen men who carved this nation before and now a true blue tubuna bilong polisman.


  7. A true son of the original “good time”policemen men who carved this nation before and now a true blue tubuna bilong polisman.


  8. Well done, METSUP Anthony Wagambie Jr.. You have perform to tell PNG that democracy is alive. I salute you my country man for your wisdom. May God continue to direct you to do good for your country. Keep up the good work. Wiamblo nieng.


  9. Well done, Sir you surely stand as a true leader.Thankyou for allowing the people to exercise their constitutional right.

    I salute you.


  10. My son rose to the top on merits unlike other Baki puppets of lesser credentials. Trupla leader is able to balance the interests of all parties. Mande we are very proud of you. KYava


  11. Leadership is about taking the risk, to go down the path that is rarely followed and stepping out of the comfort zone.

    We have a Leader!


  12. Amid all tension a cop job is to be calm on both side JWJnr represent true freedom of expression without the freedom of expressing your feeling and contributing to our freedom of democracy & upholding our Choices we have is to remain calm May the System be proven only time will now delivered Justine to our Land PNG


  13. I am more than happy and thankful to the almighty for giving us such a brother and a leader with wisdom and understanding. Footprint stap Pini’s..Kuare!


  14. Congradurations Anthony Wagambie Jr you have done it in Lae while your counterparts in NCD failed to do their part. You have shown your true melanesian color. Cops in Moresby are too scared so whynot getting your mobs to Pt. Moresby and do the same all the civil societys will be on your side.


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