Wagambie is ours! Noken taksim em!


Be warned!

Wagambie belongs to the People of Papua New Guinea.

Some people have warned that because Wagambie is good in what he does, he could be removed, replaced or sent to another less important post just like every other good cop who has come and gone.

Let it be put on record that Wagambie belongs to the Constabulary which is ultimately OWNED by the people of this country.

He is a Kumul with a heart painted red, black and gold complete with the five stars.

Anthony Wagambie Jr. belongs to the people of Papua New Guinea.

“Huuuuusait taksim Wagambie, em taksim mipla tu!”


4 thoughts on “Wagambie is ours! Noken taksim em!

    1. Without fear or favour the law will previous for an harmonious peaceful and respected society. Corrupt politicians and those in the hierarchy who thinks that you own this country, is above the law and suprese Justice be warned your days are numbered.


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