Sylvester Kalaut & Ben Turi,

You both were once students and you understand, perfectly, the frustrations felt by the students.   You have to be CHAMPIONS OF DEMOCRACY and allow students an avenue for expression.

Be reminded that you serve the people of Papua New Guinea. The very students you suppress ARE the people of Papua New Guinea.   Because they represent their parents and their brothers and sisters who are at home.

You cannot suppress the rights of the people for long. It doesn’t work.   By suppressing the voice of the people, you are adding fuel to the fire of revolt and violence.

By suppressing freedom of expression, you are adding to a recipe of violent uprising in the future.

 You MUST facilitate the democratic process. The constitution is supreme and you must set a precedence that will be followed into the future.

Let your names be written down in history as police commanders who stood up for what is right instead of commanders who suppressed a people and triggered a violent uprising against the Government of Papua New Guinea.

 We urge you to see what is happening around you.

  • The economy is crumbling.

  • The people are suffering.

  • The unions are in disarray and have become self-serving

  • There is discontent within the Police force.

  • The MPs are held at ransom through control of DSIP/PSIP funds (ask Joe Sungi, Nuku MP)

  • The only voice we have is that of the students

We beg you to think as rational beings and awaken from this slumber. We beg you to break away from this trance that has engulfed your minds. We urge you to free your minds from this slavery and make independent decisions.

 If you say you “serve the government of the day,” I tell you that the government of the day exists because of the people of this country.

You cannot have a government without the people. You cannot have the RPNGC without the people.

You hold the power to make a change. We urge you to use that power with the God given intellect that you have.

Thinking Kanaka



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