Dear Transparency International,

While your your efforts recently, to support the call for the Prime Minster to respect the law is highly commended.

I am particularly incensed by tone of the flyer you have  published. The Annual Walk Against Corruption, is an absolute insult to the hard work the students of UPNG and Unitech have put in over two weeks because you treat this walk as if all is well.

I would have expected a radical approach – once that takes into account the demise of the economy, the lack of respect shown by the Prime Minister to the people. An approach that responds appropriately to the current circumstances.

 How about taking your members and walking to UPNG? How about holding a public forum with the UPNG students so they know their concerns are being shared and the burden is being shared?

As UPNG students call for public support, you will conveniently, avoid the UPNG forum area and continue to distance yourselves from the students who are actually doing the hard yards while you “walk against corruption.”

And you charge ridiculous fees:

K2200 per corporate team of 12

K200 per school

K500 per CSO team

K100 per  family (even families  affected by corruption have to PAY to walk)

 Why don’t you take your numbers and walk to UPNG in support of the students who will not be in class because they chose to stand up and fight?

 Why don’t you use your influence to talk to the police and Governor Parkop to allow a protest to proceed? Why don’t you incorporate a UPNG demonstration with the Walk Against Corruption?

I see no point in you walking against corruption if you choose to bury your heads in the sand and ignore the tensions in our education institutions.



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