The Chief Secretary to the Government, Amb. Isaac Lupari CBE, has warned people attempting to commit illegal acts as part of attempts to hijack student protests that they will face the full force of the law.

The Chief Secretary said the activists involved with the latest attempt to cause civil disturbance are not students but agitators who have no interest in student Matters.

“These agitators devote their lives to stirring the public up for the highest bidder, and now they are trying to hijack student protests,” the Chief Secretary said.

“These people are subject to the laws of our country and if they are found to be inciting people to commit acts that are illegal, they will be arrested and prosecuted by law.

“I have seen the messages circulating around social media, and I ask everyone who might forward these messages that they should try to know who is behind the message.

“There is big money involved in manufacturing protest for people of dubious intent, and members of the public might be fooled into taking part not knowing it is part of broader political campaign.”

Chief Secretary Lupari said there are processes involved in staging any lawful protest.

“People behind any protest must know there are clear and proper process and these must be followed because this is the law.

“The nonsense that is appearing in some of the posts is simply foolish, but some comments do cross into breaking the law.

“People who are sending these posts around must be aware of this.”

The Chief Secretary said the calls for anarchy by the agitators is entirely separate from student protests, and due to the serious nature of threats of violence, the National Security Advisory Committee will now convene to discuss the matter.

“Make no mistake, the agitators behind proposed protest are not students, but have much more sinister purposes.

“The NSCA is the principal adviser to the Government on security matters and will consider certain powers that can be used against this behaviour.

“The extreme action they are trying to stimulate is uncalled for and will not be accepted.

“I appeal to our students not to be misled by the agitators and to make your own judgments.

“The action promoted by the activists is not the Melanesian way where we resolve issues as a community, but is an aggressive foreign-style of intimidation and grand-standing.

“The matters they are promoting are also before the court so cannot be properly discussed until they have run their course.”



  1. What and whivh law is this man talking about when his employer is underming that same law and rules and regulations.

    There is no rationale in the point he is trying to get to.

    This statement lack coherence and objectivity.

    You shouldn’t have made this statement. It’s questions your integrity and the office you occupy Ambassador.


  2. Students have boycotted classes for almost 3 weeks we know very well. Where are the agitators in this case? Where are they leading protests? This statement boils from someone who has exhausted all strategies to curtail the nationwide strike looming and from someone who knows is breaking down just like what DPM did in 2002. He doesn’t match the position he ocupies to from the outset look of this.


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