Dear Parents of UPNG students,

This blog – The Post Office Box – is calling on parents of the 2000 plus students from all over the country to support the students in this fight.

This is no longer a students’ fight or protest. It is a fight for

Our freedom of expression,

Our freedom of assembly,

Our freedom of association and

Our freedom of speech.

We are being suppressed. Pressured and provoked by a government system supported by people from an older generation who care only about their power and wealth.

We call on our parents, our uncles and aunties, our brothers and sisters to rouse your spirits to support us.

Pray for us. Call us. Send us Flex or Top kads.  Encourage us to stand firm

It is the simple things that really matter to us. That is the kind of support we ask for. Let the powerful bring their guns and big money. Let the rich and powerful threaten us. We will not break.

We need your prayers, your thoughts and your support.



  1. Enough already! Its in the courts hands now. Everyone has seen your protests and boycotts. Resume your classes. Asking parents to help with flex cards and all???? Really??? Your parents are probably busy trying to find money to pay for the extra months ahead for you to go back to school making up for the times you boycotted your classes.


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