Forget what the critics are saying! Understand your real power.

What you have to realize is that at this time, the balance of power is controlled by two people – Kenneth Rapa (UPNG SRC President) & David Kelma (UNITECH SRC president). They represent you, the students, who are the most powerful and influential group of people NOW!

 You ARE a political force! Embrace it! It is a fact!

 It is not a shameful thing for wield political power.

 Political power in the hands of young straight thinking Papua New Guineans is better than political power in the hands of criminals.

You have a good balance of young men and young women making decisions. Keep it that way. UPNG forum is a Parliament in itself. It makes and executes decisions. Lead by example.

Kenneth and David… these two young men, decide where the country goes from here. It is a massive responsibility and the decisions they make have to be carefully thought out and executed.

They have the choice to bring the country to its knees through violence and chaos or approach this crisis with maturity and wisdom.

 Do not let critics tell you that the Prime Minister and the government hold all the power because they DON’T!

The real power is with the students right now…Students who are represented by Kenneth Rapa and David Kelma.

  • They can cause economic collapse by shutting down the transport system
  • They can cause chaos and destruction if they wish
  • They can derail the tertiary education system
  • And they can – through good coordination – VOTE OUT EVERY POLITICIAN IN GOVERNMENT!
  • Either of them can both be Prime Minister in 2017

To the Police and the public servants, be careful who you mistreat,  you could be reporting to a former UPNG or UNITECH student who you tried so desperately to suppress in 2016!

It is for these is why the government and politicians will use every means to suppress the students’ and people’s voice.

Thinking kanaka



  1. Mi ples man but mi laik tok alpin osem,,,if we have eyes ,then lookim na stretim ah..sampla gat eye but ol blind lo tintin….boina tuna….inks mahn


  2. Democracy we operate in demands for “majority rules”. Clearly majority of PNG is behind the students and SRC’s. Obviously the mother nature is calculating the verdict. Be strong and of good courage be not afraid neither be dismayed for the Lord thy God is with us. God bless Papua New Guinea.


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