1. Where is the Speaker of Parliament, Theo Zurenuoc, who preached about upholding the moral integrity of the Haus Parliament?

2. Where are the pastors who traveled with him using taxpayer’s money – OUR money – to go to the US to get the 400 –year-old bible?

3. Why aren’t Pastors NOT speaking out about the crisis and the need for the PM to demonstrate strong moral leadership?

4. Where is the counsel you give to the politicians you associate with? Or do you do it only for the money?

5. Have you become like the prophets in the bible who tell the king only what he wants to hear?

6. Where is the voice of the Lutheran Church? A member of your flock has gone astray. Are you going to bring him back?

7. Where is your support for the children who stand up and fight for a good cause?

Pastors, Priests and Churches who do not speak out have become nothing but liars sitting at the table with the corrupt who are bringing this country down.

Where is your voice? I can’t hear?


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