Dear Prime Minister,

Your responses to both the UNITECH and UPNG petitions fell short of expectations by the people you govern.

You demonstrated arrogance when you could have showed humility and earned our respect!

While you responded through standard official letters signed by your good self,   the tone was  insincere and written from a position of power and aloofness. It reverberated with political and personal insecurities. You avoided our demands!

You paid no attention to the students’ concerns over the consequence of economic collapse and concerns over the integrity of THEIR office you occupy.

Their demands are simple:

  1. You vacate the office and uphold the MORAL INTEGRITY of the Prime Minister’s Office by submitting to the rule of law.

  2. You allow a caretaker government to manage the country through the period of economic turbulence.

Your responses don’t demonstrate understanding and empathy for a generation of the young people  concerned for a future you will leave behind in the twilight of your political life. They feel it is best you leave now!

It is not about you providing a legal explanation about your unwanted existence in the people’s office and they   do not seek  to have an economic expert to tell us about the  state of the country. We see, we hear and we feel what is happening.

It is clear, you fear the indignity of submitting to a police investigation. Your occupation of the People’s Office has give your Attorney General, Ano Pala, the right to continue to hold the high office even with criminal allegations against him.

 Submit to the rule of Law & Protect the integrity of OUR Office.

That is what we want!


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