My Dear Prime Minister,

I have a simple request: that is you step down from the office of the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. I am of course aware of your stand that the only people that have the legal mandate to remove a Prime Minister from office are the national Parliament or the people at the General election.

I am also aware that, you have no intention to step down but continue running the country until the 2017 general elections.

You probably going to wonder why I am taking such an extraordinary step. My stand I can assure you that I have carefully considered, in asking for you to step down.

Mr Prime Minister, our country is a mess, created by your reckless spending, over borrowing and refusal to recognize lawful purposes and submit yourself to the rule of the law.

The quality of life our people have been deteriorating. Confidence in the country, its economy and political system, is at all time low, to the extent that now the international banks and financial institutions are refusing to provide the much needed loan to your government.

Nationwide protests by university students, civil society groups, unions and concern citizens; all calling for you to step down, this shows that the people have no longer trust and confidence in your leadership and ability to lead the country.

You refusal to subject yourself to the same rule of the law like any other citizen is a cause for grave concern. It reflects and widens the segregation of citizens into low and high class and the two sets of laws that applies.

Corruption and criminal allegations against you have seriously undermined and brought the office of the Prime Minister into disrepute and embarrassment.

The fact that you have a warrant of arrest still active and your tactical efforts to avoid arrest clearly undermines all State Institutions established to hold this country together with its diversity.

We are not at war for you to have a very large and costly armed security escort following everywhere you go. You are scaring the peace loving people of this country of civil chaos and unrest.

How can you explain of your support for candidates who have been criminally convicted to run for public offices? A person with criminal allegations or criminally convicted should not be allowed to occupy the office of the Prime Minister or run for public offices. This is a mess you have got us all into.

It is very sad indeed that your have allowed for the indefinite shutdown of the University of Papua New Guinea and given the students 48 hours to vacate the Campus. You are probably thinking of doing the same to PNGUT, UOG and sister universities taking part in the current protest against your regime. You can do anything to scare, suppress and intimidate the students but you will never be given the chance to take away our constitutional rights to freedom of speech, expression and assembly. We are reminded of the fact that our constitutional rights defines and give meaning to us as human citizens of this country.

It is becoming very obvious that you are merely in charge of the country but exploiting the office of the Prime Minister to buy loyalty and protecting yourself. You are destroying the country more than any good you have been doing for the country.

I can assure you now that there is reason to believe that ordinary people have no trust in your integrity as a leader, or in your ability to lead and guide a modern constitutional democracy that we aspire to become.

Spare us and yourself more embarrassment. I ask you to step down.

Yours sincerely,

Lucas Kiap
Interim Chairman



  1. Lucas Kiap, this is a very shallow letter! Your letter would carry more weight if you could provide some evidence, facts and figures. These generic doesn’t carry any weight at all! I think the PM had crash such generic allegation when he spoke live on FM 100.30!


  2. This is the voice… PM you step aside. The funny thing is this pm claims he represents us but the very people he claims to represent says it otherwise.
    So if those you claim to represent do not have confidence and trust in your leadership;you should bow in shame and step down.that is the most honorable thing any credible leader would do to save face.
    Pm please step down and show leadership. Thanks


  3. Valid points. PM should be ashamed by now. Slowly but eventually he will hear. Hope he is having restless nights thinking. Not long stroke will strike you, it s a curse from the very people whom you’ve robbed.


  4. PM you do not step down election is just around the Conner. But thanks for borrowing and spending on our city development Which non of the PM’s since Independence did consider to develop our city Port Moresby. city as it is today.


  5. I think the letter was on point besides we don’t need to rewind or keep repeating the faults of PM , he just needs to step down. It is a huge mess as mentioned above so we can’t keep repeating and move forward in the up coming elections.


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