Minister Tabar

Dear Malakai Tabar,

You owe us an apology!

You still do not get it that students are acting on their own accord. They understand that the integrity of the Prime Minister’s office has to be upheld.

Cant you see that too? Are you so blind that you can’t see the shit that is before you?

We do not need NGOs and civil society groups… We don’t even need politicians to tell us to go protest and carry out an awareness to educate people about the dangers of having a prime minister who doesn’t respect the law.

For goodness sake open your eyes, Minister! You owe us an apology!

Can’t you see that the Chief legal advisor to government, Ano Pala, has criminal allegations against him and has not stepped down?

Can’t you see that you are just a tool used for someone’s personal gain?

You had the audacity to suggest on international media that the SRC was bribed and influenced by “outside” forces? No evidence. You said it was obvious. It was unjustified and outright stupid and unbecoming of a supposedly intelligent Minister of government. Baseless accusations.

For that, you owe us an apology!

And you are still think that students are:




-foolish children

who are influenced by adults. You know what?   Just WAKE THE FUCK UP!

You owe us an apology! WE DEMAND IT!

We are intelligent beings. We made up our own minds. We observe what’s happening around us. We know that companies are facing difficulties with foreign currency supply.

We understand that the Office of the Prime Minister belongs to the people and its integrity needs to be protected at all costs. This is our country. This is our future.

Don’t belittle us and talk down to us from the lofty ministerial post that WE gave you. Just don’t!





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