Divine Word University has made a stance which the school term as being ‘professional’ by remaining neutral and leaving the political fight to relevant authorities. Thank you DWU for making that clear. This is however, not the same sentiment shared by many former and I believe current students who view that the stance indicates to a greater extent; complacency with the practices of the current ruling regime.

Without a doubt I am a proud graduate of DWU. The institution’s strong stance on moral and professional ethics is part and parcel of the curricular inside and outside the classroom. Coming out into the field we take these values wherever we go, to our homes, workplace and the communities we live in. 

But right now with the current political events and the uprising against the ruling regime on its MORAL and ETHICAL breaches of our constitution and the Prime Minister’s Office, I never thought I would say this; but I AM ASHAMED of the university’s current stance. We are big on moral and professional ethics. But where has it all gone when it matters most at this time? – NM


Spot on! I am ashamed as a DWU graduate. Neutrality does not move or change anything when critical national issues are presented to challenge our moral judgement.-EMMANUAL KOIMO

Thank you Nathan for having the courage to voice what has been on most of our minds. DWU SRC should have made good use of its elites and intellectuals in Arts Faculty. Their statement is rather ironic if they had paid attention to what Sir Arnold Amet and the others speakers have presented. We strongly agree that any action taken by DWU Students should not affect or interrupt their learning and the press statement should have done the trick. As a University it boasts intellectuals who are the cream of the country and such times like this their actions should demonstrate or reflect maturity and high intellect in appreciating such issues of national importance, their actions should demonstrate that they are decisive and can distinguish between what is good what is bad and that they can take action in putting this country on the right path. We can say we are DWU students but the bottom line is that we are Papua New Guineans and this is our Country and we should take ownership of all our problems no foreigner is going to fix our problems for us..after we leave school this is where we will live for our lifetime!




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