This is what needs to be understood by everyone who intends to vote in 2017.

  • What they don’t tell you is that, DSIP, PSIP and other funding are controlled and used by the PM and the Financial Minister to bend MPs to their will.
  • Every   MP who stands up against the Government has not received DSIP, PSIP funding on time.
  • If the funds are paid, they are not paid on time. Or there is a “cash flow problem” or “financial crisis.” But this has been ongoing for a long time even before the financial crisis.
  • What is the impact of delays? The people lose confidence in their political leadership and eventually, they are put under pressure wither to join the government or face elimination in 2017.
  • FACT: Funding  is  supposed to be provided by government regardless of whether and MP is in the opposition or government.
  • FACT: The opposition is an essential part of a democracy and MUST be funded by the systems of government.
  • FACT: The opposition’s job is to provide a dissenting voice. A voice that opposes and provides alternatives so that the government does not do things that are detrimental to the country and its people.
  • The opposition’s  job is NOT solely to wait for an opportunity to take over the government.
  • Health, education and infrastructure are supposed to be provided by government. These items are not to be used as tools to control and manipulate MPs for political gain. It is the government’s JOB to provide those services because we BLOODY PAY FOR IT EVERY DAY THROUGH TAXES!
  • FACT: Politicians are LAW MAKERS and should NEVER be in control of money.
  • FACT: The public servants are the ones paid by taxpayers to deliver the services. WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING GIVEN THE RESOURCES TO DO SO?
  • Since 1975, politicians have changed laws to direct funding to themselves and manipulated the minds of people so much that people have come to expect service delivery from politicians.  This is NOT how the system is supposed to work.
  • What we have is a perverted form of a service delivery machine  that serves politicians more than the people. It is a system designed to keep politicians in power.


  1. Withhelding DSIP & PSIP Funds to lure oppososing politicians to gain support should not be a practice in the next govt. All voters throughout PNG should be well aware of the current political instability and economic downfall the country is faced with now and make a wise decision. Do not vote for the same political party which is in power today….


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