Report from Brian Takoboy in Wewak

Papua New Guinea be informed that this morning at around 10:00 am the Students of PNG University of Technology and University of Papua New Guinea where arrested for trying to exercise their constitutional right by conducting a non violent peaceful

awareness in Wewak town to inform the masses of the Sepik populace on the current Economic and Constitutional crisis facing PNG by Peter O’Neil’s PPC in Wewak ESP..Despite the Governor of ESP and leadership of ESP giving permission to conduct a public awareness in town for the people of the two Sepik provinces..The PPC saw it fit to disrespect our Governor and arrest our students.. People of ESP..this is it..We have a tyrant Government whose exercising dictatorial abuse using our state institution and servants..You will not break us..By arresting us for the sake of our have given us more fire power to fight you and take you down..We are no longer gonna be silent and we wont be intimidated..long live brothers..take back PNG..UPNGUnitech4PNG



  1. We must now immediately call our respective Elected Members on the current O’Niell/Dion government to give their views. Dont know why they have been so silent over these issues of great national importance.
    Been silent means they are supporting this current corrupt government.
    We are with you the students who are fighting corruption by sacrificing your lifes, education and future for the common good of this country and its almost 8million populance.
    God bless you all.


  2. What the fuck are this crook cops doing? Most of them can’t define the role they are assigned are adding fuel onto the burning fire,your prevention doesn’t mean you stopping us. Boys next move is we plan a big civil unrest in PNG rather.
    #upng &uni tech for PNG


  3. Guys the good news for his shake is this last crucial time of his Dictatorial reign and the bad news is PNC Party will never exist in 2017 in all 4 Corners of PNG, trust me…This Omen wasted all our Tax Payers money to bring in a so called Original 100 years Bible into the Country from the Land of Many Culture USA pretending to the World that PNG is a Christian Country. Omen O’Neil swore to that Bible and to Lead but Lied….wsssssssssh


    1. Brothers! This bible is the original bible that went across to the native land (USA) from its origin the Ark of the Tabinacle… Israel….USA became what it is now…The bible is in the minst of the parliament…Every evil doings will one by one unfold…all will sink one by one…lets keep on with our aspirations …Our prayers will be answered soon…PNG will be well again…PNG can now go to israel with no VISA…. we have a relation…we are a decendent of one of the sons of Jacob…We will rule one of the twelve gates in the heavenly blessed… N. Angal


  4. Why are these students arrested. Is this country a democratic country or dictatorship that police and judiciary take one word from a superior to penalize “freedom of speech”..
    No damages done to public properties nor a misuse of such. Please! Conduct a debate to address the students’ and the citizens of PNG, our undenying heart felt voices! Is worth heard to in a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.
    Thank you.


  5. We your parents stands beside you children. God has given this land to you children. Not to this so call dictators cause they won’t see their tomorrow..our heart are with you in prayers.


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