1. Why do we, Papua new Guineans, treat politicians like royalty?

They are not Kings. Respect has to be earned. Yet we honor them and sing praises to their “achievements.” We literally put them on pedestals and carry their overweight bulk. We strain under their weight . That is the slavery we subject ourselves to.

  1. Why do we allow OUR MPs to serve the Prime Minister and not the people?

They should be loyal to the people’s wishes and not the Prime Minister’s alone. The Prime Minister serves the people NOT his own wishes or those of his friends.

  1. Why do we listen to the shit that “the government must stay in power because of the services it provides?”

It is the job of government to provide services. FULL STOP! Roads, bridges, health and education are non negotiable! It is not for politicians to use services as a political bargaining tool.

  1. Why do we even listen government propaganda and erupt with applause even though we disagree?

We need to tell them what we think to their faces. We need to view every politician with skepticism and distrust until they can earn our respect. THEY ARE NOT GODS!

  1. Why do we vote fat, overweight people into power?

Fat, overweight politicians  are an expression of  a lack of self-discipline and control. They are a picture of their self serving nature. How many overweight politicians do we have in Parliament?

  1. Every politician who doesn’t represent the general public sentiments or expresses a view contrary to public opinion MUST BE REMOVED!

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