Re-posting this edited Version from my previous post in the ESDF Forum:

To the aggrieved student body in wewak and your parents. You have the right to give the state a Section 5 Notice claiming for civil damages using the District Court’s dismissal of your case. The parties would be your arresting officer(s), the PSC, PPC,Police Commissioner and the State.To my mind, the principal merit of your claim against the state would be “Unlawful Detention” meaning that you were detained without a justified cause.

I congratulate you all on your victory and with the greatest of gratitude and respect,would personally like to thank your parents and family in putting up with you in the last few days, the Right Honourable Governor and the provincial government team who have given their utmost support to you at this time of dilemma.

I urge you all to take courage in the events that has transpired over the last few days and show to the people of East Sepik,PNG and the world during your upcoming awareness campaign that we as true Papua New Guineans are a breed of intellectual intelligent thinkers when it comes to dealing with issues at hand,be it in whatever capacity and level of society the issues emanate from.In this instance,issues of national interest.

Once again,I salute your courageous efforts and sacrifice as I salute the same efforts of your colleagues throughout our nation who have also taken to conduct awareness throughout the nation.

God Bless you all and God bless PNG.


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