Sir Michael said, “It is inexcusable that unarmed students are fired
upon by police as they prepare to peacefully march on to parliament.

“We need to establish who gave the orders for policemen to inflict
harm on unarmed students. What warranted police to surround the campus
in the first instance? Is the University safeguarding the interest of
our young people?

“I call on police to stand down in the interest of the public, you are
not there to protect the interest of individual politicians. I have
never used the police for my own interest during my time in office and
nor should any other individual holding office. It is a bad precedent
for our emerging democracy.

“I also call on Commissioner Gari Baki to call his men to stand down.
He cannot protect the prime minister anymore at the expense of
security and safety of the general public.

“I am informed by members of the public and staff that there have been
numerous reactions following the actions of police at UPNG and I
understand Lae City is also on high alert.

“The government of the day has to be very careful in the steps that
they will be taking to protect our democracy and the security of our
people. I strongly suggest that Mr Peter O’Neill diffuse this
situation by stepping down from the Office of the Prime Minister.

“In issuing this statement I want to state categorically that I have
no intention to run in the next election my concern stems from the
fact that as a senior Papua New Guinean I do not want our country to
come undone because leaders are abusing their office at the expense of
our people,” said Sir Michael.




  1. Moranic statement! You are not helping to diffuse the situation but adding fuel to the burning fire. Retire and go rest!


      1. Cathy ,,,Lapun pukpuk bai kaikaim yu na bai yu go waswas lon pispis blon Oneil..murderer…I hate Mixed race bustards running my country…so you better control your fucking pussy..Allahu Akbar!


  2. At this crucial moment, in light of what our nation’s going through, you the very man who Fathered this nation into democracy is the one that today’s politicians will look up to for the right advice. I salute you Grand Chief for having that vision of creating a sovereign nation called Papua New Guinea. You thought of us the future generation then, but today’s events that have unfolded is surely not what you dreamt this sovereign nation will go in. Thank you for coming out to share your thoughts. We owe this nation’s democracy which is currently threatened to you. God bless you.


  3. I think for the good of our country and democracy PM has to submit himself for interview. He can not demand evidence outside the court of law. Can a common criminal demand evidence on the street before his arrest. I think we are all subject to the same Laws on the land. Australia and New Zealand should seriously look into this matter if they are promoting democracy in the world. Why are they sending troops to Iraq and Syria when the very democracy they are promoting is abused under their nose.


  4. Nix , this was a political situation created by gov’t and for sure MS is right and what you are supposing ? Better be at parliament house rather be like a crook as a follower of a chronic gov’t !


  5. UPNG students made an effort to protest and raise an issue while our own policeman prevented and suppressed those efforts. This is a disturbing trend in PNG. As citizens they were exercising their constitutional and democratic rights but were turned away by the policeman who are constituted and “empowered” by the state to enforce the law. So the blame doesn’t lie mainly on the policeman but to their leader who most probably was instructed by our national leaders to prevent what could have been a peaceful and violence free protest.

    The police were embracing the virtues of an existing autocracy and authoritarian government.


  6. Riot Tactics for maintaining the protest were not used. Lethal force and live rounds dispersed on unarmed students. Instead of rubber bullets. And the officer dispersing shoots. Who gave him the directive to use Lethal force.


  7. from my previous experience as,2000 pineapple building shootout to toppled Sir Mekere,Bill Skate and some of the Big boys in the system brainwashed than SRC president of UPNG…whole bulk of us risk our parents hard end investment to fight for….and we never received good outcome after deads,,also to date….Newman, pilio.benny Kaifa,few to named where expelled…..taim mipla painim pipia stap..not ol displa member opposition benefit us or gave us second change in life…mi kamap Rascol,plesman ,street mangi 4 life……so to UPNG students please do it and do it…in a best united interest bai yupla win otherwise..nogud sampla usim yupla you pla bai hatwok nating….think twice…..

    my encouragement is…just form a political party endorsed the cannidates na yupla go sanap lon election na overthrow them through kam senisim those stupid amendments done to our constitution…simple as that….lead the awareness not to vote current members but youthful leaders,,,I mean young bloods…..


  8. Let’s talk about the Paul Paraka case and all the contracts given to L& A Construction and all the other cases before the court let’s not get side tracked.
    Will there be Justice or is PNG a Banana Republic ?


  9. Nix: Who the Eff are you to say this to the Bubu n Father -GRANDCHIEF of this Nation???? Where is your Respect n Honour to the GrandChief?? U faulfaul stap ol Pukpuk ba kaikaim u laif wan ya….. i dont see any moranic words o statement there…… are you short sighted?…… you can go and polishing Up O’Niel shoes….
    O’Niel hands have the blood for the Universities Students not GrandChief get it register into your brain


  10. Chief MS is a state man, due respect must be accorded rather then these childish comments. He is the only person including Oro governor to come and raise the issue about police shooting unarmed students of UPNG. Not all the so called members of parliament did that, so respect must be given when one responses to comments made by Chief Somare…….

    PMPO, should simply go in and be interviewed by Fraud Squad. Process of interview is simple, you will be interviewed and during the course of interview evidence will be provided, of course your legal officer/council will be there with you so you can deny or accept what is presented before you by the case officer. At the same time you can counter provide other evidences you have with you to prove your innocence which will be taken in to consideration by the case officer. It is not the other way around as time and time again insisted by PMPO that evidence should be provided by police in public before he can give himself up, that is not how the fraud investigation is conducted. For evidence to be provided is as mentioned above during the course of an interview.


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