Dear My Prime Minister,

while I personally thank you for your quick press release in responding to the shooting of the UPNG Students, I am disappointed that you have not CONDEMNED the shooting! Policemen/women are taught in Police Academy to maintain peace without using force.

There are ways to contain the students or the public for that matter without resorting to violence and the Law enforcers are taught that at Bomana Police Academy.

Why are they happy to fire live shots into the public every time there is a large crowd of people?

Dear Prime Minister,

your press release calling for those supporting the students to be investigated is telling. You didn’t say that the policeman/men who pulled the trigger would be investigated and charged accordingly.

The constitutional duty of the law enforcers is to enforce the law, which is to protect the lives of the innocent. Those students as far as reports were concerned were peaceful in their intention to march to Parliament.

By using the Police to quell our constitutional right is criminal and that’s a very bad precedent.

Dear Prime Minister,

you have to conduct an investigation into the shooting and those trigger-happy cops must be suspended from the Force or it will only prove to be a bad precedent and someone even more power hungry than you will pop up later and start shooting anyone who opposes to his/her government.

We have had enough bad precedents set by past and present government and for once do what is right and conduct an investigation into who shot the students and put a stop to this practice! Conduct an investigation into who was there and who gave the orders to pull the trigger (unless the orders didn’t come from anyone there)..


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