The Governor for Oro in Papua New Guinea, Gary Juffa has volunteered to assist Police in the Commission of Inquiry (COI) and prepare a statement as a witness to a segment of the attacks on student protestors in Port Moresby last week.

At the same time, he’s asked that the COI was independent of Police investigations and headed and made up of eminent persons.

The vocal PNG Governor recommended a retired judge or a United Nations appointee to head the inquiry and should include members approved by the Opposition, the Ombudsman, UN, Student Representatives and the Media Council.

“The inquiry is to be independent from the Police Investigations and the Police must not just focus on students and the alleged inciters of the incident but also on everyone that committed various offences of brutality abuse and unjustified force and unjustified.

To restore public trust and confidence, Police must wash its hands off the investigations because some of its officers were involved in the shooting incident on June 08.

Governor Juffa said he was preparing his statement and was willing to assist Police and the COI in their inquiry.

He warned the continued suppression and oppression of the rights of citizens to free speech and movement would result in increased frustrations anger and similar incidents of violence.

On the assault of a female journalist at the scene by some Policemen must be investigated and those responsible disciplined, Governor Juffa said.

He said journalists were playing a vital role informing the people and such actions tainted the image of PNG as a democratic nation.

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