This is a personal opinion but I feel it needs to be said.

Apart from a handful, the politicians allowed the public discontent to escalate into a boycott led by the universities. This then progressed to intimidation when armed police were sent to “guard” the university.

On the 8th of June, students requested to be escorted to parliament after police refused to allow buses to transport the students to parliament. The intimidation escalated to aggression and 8 students were shot at and several others injured.

No politician in the ruling coalition government   stood up for the people of Papua New Guinea to condemn police action.

In fact, many were secretly pleased that students were shot and injured. They thought that the students would be afraid of the aggression. But it didn’t happen. Students remained defiant!

The government then went further by using the justice system to force the students back to class.   A court order was issued ordering SRC president and the SRC members to stop the boycott. There was no REAL attempt by the government or its agents to find common understanding and facilitate real dialogue. No real leadership! Zero!

It seems the politicians want the situation to escalate to a point where the PNGDF can be “lawfully” called in before the election  to quell the violence. This is a dangerous path we are taking.

Papua New Guineans need to wake up and see what is happening.

Why injure and NOT kill students?   Because it gives rise to a gradual build up of violent activities by angry citizens. The Prime Minister will, of course, say “It is mere speculation.”

Why allow the violence to continue without any political attempt to end the violence? Maybe it is because it serves a political goal to destabilize the country. I don’t know. I’m just saying.  It is meant to divide a country that has seen, through its students, how unified  and STRONG we can be?

Politicians allowed violence to continue so that they can become the saviors!

The Southern Highlands government has sent buses to collect its students from UOG and Unitech. It seems a noble act.    Yet nobody… No southern Highlands politician or GOVERNMENT COALITION MP  called  for an end to violence at the University of Goroka!

Collecting SHP students creates distrust and breaks the student unity. University students need to realize what is happening. Why not condemn the violence and find ways to diffuse the tension IN THE INTEREST OF THE COUNTRY?

A destabilized country gives those in power the right to delay elections and use the military.

This is a reality we face right now! Wake up PNG!





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