So I read today that another   servant of the government wants social media banned because social media “incited riots, illegal gatherings and spread misleading information” since the University boycott began.

The underlying tone is that social media is dangerous.

But I say to those who want to ban social media that it is dangerous to those who do wrong and want to hide what they do.

Social media has exposed countless cases of police brutality and sex scandals by politicians like that senior minister…. I forget his name…anyway…

Social media provides a glimpse into tons of information which would otherwise be hidden through layers of official protocol.   As much as the government tries to hide it, we know the economy is in trouble thanks to social media.

The Minister for Communication, Jimmy Miringtoro, who doesn’t use Facebook is the last person you would expect to understand the importance of social media.

Facebook, in particular, contributes in a big BIG way to the transparency that Papua New Guineans demand from the government.

Facebook has exposed the ill-gotten gains of corrupt politicians, lawyers and senior public servants who continue to deny the impact the new media is having on society.   This is a transformative period. One that requires political wisdom, honesty and skill.

Politicians must understand that the future has begun. Electoral processes, campaigns and how public opinion is shaped will increasingly hinge on what we read on our phones.

A large, young, influential mass is now online. They share information better than their parents and understand technology better than those tasked to regulate its use.

Be careful how far you push the pendulum. It could result in the decimation of political parties containing tech-illiterate older folks who continue to resist the idea that the rules have changed and we are changing the rules.

(Just saying… osem… yu yet…)


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