The following update is from an Enga student at Unitech.

• The violence that happened on campus is strongly condemned by the student leaders of the group.

• It is with much regret that one of our own got injured in the fighting. He is now in hospital.

• While we are angered by this act of violence. We will continue to demonstrate maturity in our approach to resolving problems.

• We want to assure the Unitech students from other provinces that Enga students resolve not to retaliate as a response to the aggression as it sets a bad precedence for future students.

• Our fight on the national front is bigger. Therefore, we will not allow violence to derail our cause to achieve our goal for the greater good of this country.

• We also wish to clarify that we have begun a dialogue with parties involved in the conflict. However, a reconciliation is still far into the future. It will only be appropriate for a reconciliation to happen only when our injured brother is present after his recovery. This must be understood by all parties.

• We have no further quarrel with other students. We want to maintain a united front and pursue the national agenda for the Prime Minister to step down and submit to the rule of law and protect the image of the PM’s office.


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