Media statement from CBC

24 June 2016

The situation in UPNG and UNITECH is going from bad to worse. There is more destruction of properties and violence among students.

  1. The CBC is against any form of violence. We appeal to the students not to cause any more destruction of properties.
  2. The students who want to attend classes should be allowed by other fellow students. There should be no intimidation from other students. Their academic year is at stake.
  3. Students, you have made your points clear by your protests. Now on behalf of the people of PNG CBC appeals to you to go back to your classes.
  4. CBC also appeals to the Parliamentarians to return to the parliament and solve this issue.
  5. We were supposed to have the reconciliation ceremony today at 10 am. But it was spoilt by some disgruntled students and some outsiders. Let us work towards a reconciliation between the Administration of UPNG and the Student body of UPNG and the Uniforce. CBC is ready to facilitate this reconciliation if the parties want it.
  6. CBC calls on all people of PNG TO PRAY AND TO PRAY  for peace to prevail

 Catholic Bishops Conference

Fr.Victor Roche,SVD

General Secretary


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