All those in positions of power  should come  down from their high horses,  meet with the students and resolve the tensions.  While the Catholic church is trying to facilitate dialogue,   nobody in government is willing to approach  this matter with sincerity and honesty.

How can you resolve this matter without  acknowledging the source of the discontent?

How can you resolve the feeling of anger if the government doesn’t take full responsibility of the students who were shot?

Yumi mas mekim bel blo ol pipol i kol pastaim lo yumi toktok.

Government MPs must face the truth: THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED YOU ARE UNHAPPY!

It’s not an issue of whether classes resume on time or whether the Catholics take the lead to facilitate dialogue.  It’s about honestly and the willingness to listen and resolve disagreements.

Force and power is not what Papua New Guineans respond to well.  Leadership must be demonstrated.

Why cant we fall back on our roots and draw on our own ancient wisdom?  We were never a monarchy or a dictatorship. The people do not responds positively to demonstrations of force and threats of violence.

This is a nation of warrior tribes and traders.  After thousands of years, we know that conflict is resolved through dialogue.



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