NO REGRETS; No Surrender

I have been Insulted, harassed, threatened, suppressed, intimidated, almost killed and now Education taken away from me and for sure I will be blacklisted for doing One Honorable thing which is to fight for PNG. To defend democracy and to save the Economy; to fight for my future and to secure the future of my children

I am ready to go for jail and face the future with faith in God and confidence.

I have already dedicated My Education and Live to ‪#‎GOD‬ and ‪#‎PNG‬

What an Honor, Privilege & Opportunity to fight for my people!

To all UPNG Students as the Highlands regional Rep & Deputy Forum Chairman: Thank you for the Support. It’s an Honor standing beside you through thick and thin to fight for our people. Heads up because you have fought a good fight for PNG, YOU ARE HEROES because you stood when everything falls. Your voice was the voice of PNG. Your fight was PNG fight.
God Bless PNG



One thought on “HERCULES PALME JIM: NO REGRETS | Post Office Box

  1. Thank God for your bravery. A fight that had already been won.

    From Port Moresby to the outermost parts of this great nation (PNG), your cries, your voices, the bitting of the garamuts, the kundus, the sounds of the flutes are now been heard from mountain tops thru the forest, onto the grasslands, the valleys, the lakes and the swamps, alone the coast lines over the sea to the islands.

    You cries will not be in vain, God hear, God listen and God answers all the cries and prayers.

    God bless PNG and those who stand up in His name to fight for fairness and justice for the oppressed.


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