Baki Commisioner

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has come out in defence of Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Junior and commended him for an excellent job in maintaining peace, law and order and security in Lae, especially at the University of Technology campus.

Commissioner Baki said the call by Works and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa to have Chief Superintendent Wagambie Junior removed is insensitive, irresponsible and uncalled for.

He said Mr Wagambie acted very responsibly and professionally throughout the student unrest and should in fact be commended and not ridiculed.

“There is really no ground to warrant such a call from the Minister. Neither Chief Superintendent Wagambie, nor the Lae police or the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary can be held liable or responsible for the death of the University of Technology student from the Southern Highlands.

“This happened inside the University campus between the students. Police efforts were concentrated preventing the problem from spilling over into the streets of Lae and in protecting the campus from outside threats.

“In fact Chief Superintendent Wagambie Jnr should be commended for his leadership which resulted in the quick arrest of three of the murder suspects,” Commissioner Baki said, adding that the efforts by police prevented the student unrest from spilling over into the streets or Lae

Commissioner Baki said politicians should refrain from meddling with the internal affairs of the Constabulary and that the decision to replace or transfer police officers rests with the Police Commissioner.





  1. This comment is not related to this article but all the worth bringing to the attention of the leaders. Can the authorities look into the PNG Rehabilitation Centre at Hohola in the NCD. It appears that the relatives of the Late President of the Disabled People Brown Kapi have taken over the centre and made it into their private property. The brother of Late Brown Kapi, former Wabag MP Daniel Kapi has shamelessly claimed the centre as his and taken over. Rentals collected from the units at the centre are now being collected and pocketed by Daniel Kapi. When the Late Kapi was alive he used the proceeds from the rental as well as donations from business houses to improve the lives of the disabled. He had regular feeding sessions and supplied people living with disabilities with medicine, food and clothing. Now they get nothing ever since Brown Kapi died. The Kapi family brings shame to the name of a good man. I urge the authorities to urgently look into this before we have people living with disabilities die due to neglect. In fact I have since learnt that some disabled people may have died already. can someone do something please? It is an injustice and criminal!


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