I still maintain my stance that the University of Technology Administration and Police cannot be held solely responsible for the death of late Graham Romonong.

Police were invited onto campus by Unitech Administration following intimidation and threats leveled against Campus security by a certain faction.

The onus for peace was left with the SHP and Enga students. This is in regard to a previous incident which saw a Enga student being slashed with a knife. He was.rushed to a private hospital. Let me put on record that Police had attended to this from the very moment he was injured. Police have been encouraging eye witnesses to come forward and give statements so that identification of suspects in the wounding case could be identified so that arrests can be made. Police cannot just go and pick up anyone and detain without being charged.

The initial attack on the student happened in his room. Security alerted Police after seeing students running towards the library. Police attended but.were then flagged down by another student of a student injured and lying on the grass. Police went there and other students fled. Police were stoned. Police and Campus Security arranged for the victim to be rushed to a private hospital.

Events surrounding the attack happened so fast. From the entry into the room to the attack and alert being sent to Security and then to Police.

I am surprised that a person of such standing,highly educated and let alone being a State Minister, make such comments without gathering the facts after investigations are carried out. I am not afraid or intimidated by Politicians. I am answerable to my Police Commissioner through my Divisional Commander and the two Deputy Commissioners.

This death could have been avoided if we had left our tribal mentality at home when we enter the gates of a Higher Learning Institution,which is a University.

As in the Highlands. We always go and look at the bottom underlying fact of what really caused all the problems. We, the Police and University Administration are not the underlying cause of all these problems which has led to death and destruction. We are only trying to manage a problem created by politics.

Therefore! I don’t think it is proper for Politicians to comment on such issues at this point of time.

Let us try to unite. Stop generalizing Engans and brandishing them names. They are part and partial of this country and what has happened is a criminal act . Those individuals will be dealt with when caught. Not all Engans did this.

Southern Highlanders should also be treated with respect . They are citizens too.

What has happened has happened. It’s time for leaders to come out and find a way forward.

I knew very well that I would be despised by certain leaders for decisions I made during this whole crises.

My decisions were for Public Safety and not political. Politics, stay away from Police.

I welcome an COI and am looking forward to it. My conscience is clear and I stand ready to be accountable for the actions of my rank and file, whom I have the utmost respect for they have done extremely well.





  1. Why call on Met Supt Lae to be removed. He did absolutely well to contain the situation and what more can we ask from him. The situation is progressive with arrests and the Met Supt must be allowed to finish the good work he just began. The end of this good work is yet to come so its premature to judge at this time but co operation is all that we can ask for to see good results. Continue the good work AW Jnr. With you.


  2. It is childish to demand the sacking of Wagambie Jr and Dr Schram at this time, especially by a State Minister. Their sacking will not make this problem go away. Find the root cause of the entire fiasco and dig it out from the base.


  3. My bro, your leadership in Police Matsup is outstanding and commandable from the start of UOT protest. Your understanding to National issues are outstanding. You Police Commissioner next in line I believe if Opposition gets the PM posts.


  4. Mande, you are a true son of PNG doing your job without fear or favor, you’ve proven. Hold your heads high and continue your excellent job. PNG is with you. Baseless, shallow, unjustified comments from people are just like the wind that blows in it’s season and goes away.


  5. I am embarrassed for the Minister for Works it’s typical and easy to shift the blame of an incident fueled by politics onto someone who is upholding the Law and trying to make good on a bad situation. Regionalism in this day and age can be curbed by educating them but it’s our own leaders that fuel regionalism for their own gain. I agree with Met Supt Wagambie that now is not the time to point fingers it’s time to move forward and look for peaceful solutions. Ask yourself minister when will enough be enough, do you need more young Papua New Guineans to die before you start using common sense and rectify the situation ……….


  6. Unwanting from someone of this calibre. Be reminded that the office you hold is not your birth right and making such shallow and narrow-minded comments not only bring disrepute to the department you head but very damaging to the staff and PNG as a whole.
    We should be working together to resolve this issue rather than pointing fingers at people who have been working tirelessly to address the whole matter. Prove you are a true leader by initiating real solutions to the whole saga.


  7. Well keep up the good job to serve and protect without fear or favor. ..
    This why some of them state minister’s appointed or voted and not by Merritt level of understanding no wankain osem wok blo ol


  8. Politicians. Remember this; when the intellectual community rise up to speak against your conduct in running the affairs of this country then, you must know that obviously something is wrong. Why not you swallow your pride correct your wrong? Instead, young innocent Papua New Guineans die as sacrificial lamb for your greedy, self centred decisions. Having said that, I urged Hon Awesa to praise Mr Wagambi instead of your unsubstantiated call. Where were you Mr Awesa when Police shot at the students at UPNG? So does your call justify that shooting and thus,hope same be done at UOT in Lae? I bet you are for real Mr Minister.


  9. Another blaming game of the current government…the childish demand of the so called state minister failed to tell PNG the root cause of the problem… thumbs up Metsup…


  10. For morality’s sake, PM, politicians or top beaurocrates must refrain from patronising dedicated, loyal and faithful public servants of such good character like Wagabie Jr, Matthew Damaru, Sam Koim to name a few, who are compelled by moral law to do what do for the sake of the beautiful nation of PNG. The PM and his corhorts and morons should articulate amicable statement to resolve what they instigated. Stop passing the bark, like inverted snobs. ITS HIGH TIME PLAY WISDOM THAT COMES FROM GOD to rescue this sinking ship, captain PM and the under rowers in the cabinet. Over to you PM.


  11. Your work has always been exemplary in all your postings; Port Moresby, Madang, Lae, Rabaul, and now Lae. Policing the way it was taught and the way it should be executed. Not swayed by politics or the powers that be. Keep it up because if merit is a criteria for the top job then your record speaks volumes and stands out.


  12. Politicians are the whole reason the killing, police shooting, termination of school year all towards the university student so all the politicians should zip their mouths when it comes to the Students.


  13. Isn’t it a bit too late to point fingers and passing buck in order to score points when all hell broke loose?. Politicians both Government and Opposition have been using the students for their own ambition and gains. They failed to handled situations in both Universities well from the very beginning of all of these. Leave Met Sup Wagambi Jr out of this. He is gone out of his way to handle the tense situation at Unitech very well. Especially when he allowed a peaceful protest by students to go ahead which calm the situation down. He deserves a big pat on the back. The destructions to properties, ethnic clashes and the killing is now a law & order problem whereby police will now act on as part of their duties.


  14. All politicians should be blame for the university’s problem Pom&lae an other centre around Papua new guinea Police officer a doing their job well if you a Politicians sole the problem done blame a innocent person like, jr wagambie.


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