We the people from Kompian Ambum electorate , Enga Province humbly ask our parliamentarian and Member for Kompiam Ambum Open and Environment n Conservation Minister Hon. John Thomas Pundari to sever all ties with PNC and the current government. We humbly ask if you Mr. Pundari can leave the government ranks and join the Opposition this week. This government which you are part of is corrupt to the core which you are aware. Despite all these corruption, bad governance and allegations leveled against the Prime Minister and some senior Members of the government, you are still stubborn and ignorant. Who’s interest are you serving Mr. Pundari ? Kindly shift allegiance and join the Opposition and save yourself as well because everyone back in your electorate are calling you to move out of that tyrant government before 2017. This is your people’s plea as we have only two days to see a new just, transparent n Democratic government being formed for the people by the people’s mandated leaders. If you can’t listen to our pleas then you got to know that you’re digging your own grave where our university students have cleared the sites of the grave yards for the current government MPs. Say do or die come 2017 as we’re only 8 months away. It seems that PNCs money spent on your election campaign wouldn’t be of any value as our future leaders have already done a better ground work for you and your current batch of government MPs to walk across easily with filth money from O’Neill. Now or never come 2017.



  1. I don’t think its a good decision for minister pruits and his leading coalition partner to remain intake with these dictership leaderdhip run by o.Neill and his pnc.interest of the people is the most priority.you a representing your people and you electorate not representing pnc.


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