After the parliament session, that saw the   defeat of the opposition by the ruling PNC led coalition, many of the ordinary people who went to parliament left disappointed. They expected, at least, to see votes of conscience being demonstrated inside the house.

Instead, they saw   the shameless display of greed and lust for power.

Democratic process was exercised, sure… But who did the 85 MPs represent when they voted?

Surely they didn’t represented the 6000 students from Unitech and UPNG who campaigned against the corruption in government and for the Prime minister to respect the high office of the people.

Surely, they didn’t represent the pilots who are calling for planes to be property maintained using brand new parts and for passengers to travel in airworthy jet planes.

They didn’t represent the workers whose salaries are being taxed or the police officers who live in housing not fit for human habitation.

They voted for themselves.

Those 85 MPs were selfish, self-serving, power hungry leeches.

They voted for themselves and they voted to protect a man who refuses to respect the rule of law and respect the people’s office. People who thought only of political survival tramped on our rights on Friday.

They didn’t represent my views. They didn’t represent the views of the general public who wanted justice. “Democracy” on the floor of parliament is NOT a representation of public opinion. Where was the demonstration of wisdom?

Even Ben Micah, tried to be a saint. He hoped to become PM if there was a government change. It didn’t happen, yet he was put to shame by the elegance and demonstration of maturity by Finance Minister James Marape. Micah acted like a 20-year-old who didn’t care about parliamentary rules. He is no better than the mob he left behind.

The Morobe Governor was expected to show more wisdom by responding to public calls for change. He didn’t. He sat on the fence and joined the government ranks.

Every single one of the 85 MPs voted for their own protection and for their own greed.   They lost nothing yet gained a lot.

The question that remains is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY IN JUNE 2017 WHEN YOU FACE THE PEOPLE?



  1. Awareness of the same (Kua comments) should effect immediately from now.
    The rural majority are still narrow minded thus when the short campaign period falls come April, all will surely be convinced by way of never lasting bribes only with K2 worth Coca-Cola and K1 lamp flaps.
    Start awareness now and strengthen the people’s unstable feet in order to vote out these irresponsible bunch of pregnant MPs.
    They deserve to be sadden on sick beds for the rest of their life.


  2. Ol MPs husat i sapotim Peter Oniel i soim klia pinis wonem kain man na interest blo ol. Ol member tingim ol yet na ino long ol liklik man votim ol. Tingting blo liklik man i winim ol member long luk save long havi blong economi bagarap long kantri. Gutpla ol i soim kal blo ol out bai next election, ol mas rausiiiiim ol.


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