Analysis by Brian Kramer

In another twist in PNG Politics the so called fire brand Governor of Morobe Kelly Naru has back-flipped and withdrawn his support of the Motion of Vote of No Confidence against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neil on the eleventh hour it was to be consider by Parliamentary Committee

The motion filed by his fellow Morobean and Opposition Deputy Leader Sam Basil called for the removal of O’Neill as Prime Minister. Basil resubmitted the motion from last year after Committee unlawfully rejected it claiming it was not in the national interest. The motion supported by 12 Members of Parliament raised serious allegations against O’Neill including corruption, misconduct in office and the mishandling of the economy. In recent times Naru attracted wide public support over his stance against Peter O’Neill’s leadership.

However his latest decision to withdraw his signature in support of the motion has given reason for the Parliamentary Committee to reject the Motion claiming it lacked the required 11 MP signatories pursuant to section 145 of Constitution.

Naru is yet to issue a public statement explaining his decision. Speculation is that he was withdrawn his support after he was promised Provincial Support Grants. (PSIP)

In November 2015 Naru publicly criticized O’Neill Government over the lack of PSIP funds taking issue with only K10 million allocated to each Province.

So the question many are asking is has the Morobean Governor been influenced by the promise of PSIP funds?

In recent times Prime Minister has dismissed the influence of social media to sway wide public opinion.

I will set up a separate group yet to be named asking all the people from and living in Morobe Province including friends of those from Morobe to join this group in protest of Governor’s Naru’s decision withdrawing his support of Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil’s motion.

Further to reconsider his decision and sign the motion or the members of the group (expected 40,000) shall make a pledge they will rally in 2017 to ensure he is not returned in the coming elections.

In 2012 Governor Naru won the Regional Seat by a margin of only 16,422 votes. Sam Basil won the Wau Bulolo Open Seat securing 21,785, the runner up on 2,555 votes a margin of almost 20,000. During that election Basil backed Naru securing his win. Basil also helped Ross Semour secure his 2012 election for his neighbour electorate Huon Gulf.

Following Naru’s decision I understand Basil will now withdraw his support for Naru in the coming 2017 Election.

With less than 12 months away from 2017 General elections lets demonstrate to this Government and the Governor the power of social media and its reach throughout PNG.

The page will be launched on Monday 4th April 2016. If you are Morobean, live there or know people who are from Morobe please join and pledge your support to Sam Basil’s efforts to keep O’Neill Government accountable to the people.

Let’s be part of the change we expect.



  1. Bobby Londron As the etymology of our name ‘Liberal’ indicates, we have stood for freedom. We have realised that men and women are not just ciphers in a calculation, but are individual human beings whose individual welfare and development must be the main concern of government … We have learned that the right answer is to set the individual free, to aim at equality of opportunity, to protect the individual against oppression, to create a society in which rights and duties are recognised and made effective.Why did Kelly Naru withdrew his support of the Opposition leader ,where it is also people who gave full support to let Prime minister step down from the office thus resigned, you obviously made bad reputation of yourself as a Govorner of Morobe.


  2. I think Govna didnt have much choice, he probably saw that his single vote woudnt make any difference! He saw who had already won the battle! And he desperately needed his verious funds released to at least provide some services to his province before he faces them at elections. In PNG politics, everyone knows you have to be in the right team to make things happen! So please dont just accuse and point fingers at this only one guy! There were others too! Thanks.


  3. I have not been a keen supporter of the Morobe Governor however, what has transpired was to some extent analysed. Political suicide it may be; this is for the Morobe people to express in the 2017 polls. For now, Naru has to justify his decision. I wish him all the best


  4. The students demonstrations were all for nothing as far as the government MPs are concerned..their pot bellies seem to take the upper hand.


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