hgnFirstly to the Hagen Eagles players… Much respect! You played and at the end of the game, although disappointed, you maintained your dignity and remained away from the violence.

To the Hagen eagles officials – especially that big oaf – who attacked several of the match officials. Here is my earlier post on FB which I dedicated to you:

“What’s the name of that dickhead Hagen Eagles official who punched the referee twice? Dumb beer guzzling potbellied son of a motherless *****. The Eagles players had more dignity and respect than your sorry ***. You made the game look like a ****ing tribal fight straight out of the 60s. You wanted ‘big name’ and didn’t get it the way you imagined. Oh yeah… You wanted to tell the poor desperate women you mess around with that you trained the team that won but it didn’t happen and you were going to look bad. Dumb ****. Because of your epic level asshole-ism, there will be no Hunters games in PNG. You deserve to have a fully pumped rugby ball shoved up your behind.”

This action by Hagen Eagles officials has set PNG rugby leave back 10 years. Here are the consequences of your actions:

  1. Your team will be banned. For how long? I don’t know.
  2. Your sponsors will want to have nothing to do with your team
  3. Your MPs will not want to be associated with you
  4. This one incident will also affect the PNG Hunters who play at international level
  5. Australian teams will be hesitant to send their teams to play in PNG against the Hunters

As a Papua New Guinean, I call on the Sports Minister, JT, to pursue criminal charges against the team official who led the assault and the other officials who contributed to the violence.


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