Gullible reporters and stupid MPs

idiotSo it has come to our attention that with election approaching, the another MP, tried to give the “little” people the impression that he delivered services using his OWN money.

Kairuku-Hiri MP, Peter Isoaimo, is pictured on a boat with his constituents. The writing on the boat shamelessly declares that the boat was: “Funded by the Hon Peter Namea Isoaimo MP” when in fact it was bought using the people’s money.

When will first time MPs understand that you can’t fool people in the age of social media when some picture will end up somewhere.

It is also disappointing that the poor reporter allowed himself  or herself to be fooled into writing a headline that reads: “MP donates dingy to Yule Island health center.”

There is truly no shortage of gullible reporters and stupid MPs


One thought on “Gullible reporters and stupid MPs

  1. illustrated people are being manipulated n exploited as they don’t know n understand government obligations n they become fools of their mps.


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