Malabag & O’Neill run away from Oro protestors & blame Juffa

Peter O’Neill and his two  briefcase carriers,  Mickey Malabag and David Arore,  turned tail and ran today in Popondetta after a group of  people,  including women and children turned  up with placards asking  important unanswered questions.

They refused to attend  the official opening of the Popondetta hospital with Malabag citing “security issues” and that “uninvited politicians” like Gary Juffa,  had come to ‘disrupt’ the opening.

The truth is that they were too scared to face the questions by people. They wanted smooth sailing and to take credit for service delivery before people go to the polls.  What people must know is that money has not been paid and the provincial government has struggled to make ends meet.

This is what scared them off…people who wanted answers.



2 thoughts on “Malabag & O’Neill run away from Oro protestors & blame Juffa

  1. Yes that might be true. Leaders have good intentions but where is the money. The other thing is that government is in dept. That does not mean each leader is responsible when you have a gab in Delivering services. Let’s think logically. It’s not about party, its about individual performance.


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