Turnbull supported PNC led Government whipped by Papua New Guinea public

So this very corrupt PNC led government supported by Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull’s is being told to piss off in several places.

In Mendi, the oversized, potbellied pig of an MP, William Powi, and his delegation were chased. One of the 10-seaters or 5 doors, we assume, hit and killed a potential voter. But the icing on the cake came moments later when angry voters stripped a public toilet worth – according to PNC estimates – K3million. That’s government spending for you, right there. An ‘important’ project.

The PNC led government, who by the way love the Manus Prison Center deal, now has a Facebook page that is attacking the alternative government of Don Polye and Gary Juffa. Just so you know, Gary Juffa doesn’t share the same fondness of you that good ol’ Pete does.w3

So the PNC briefcase carriers, Arore and Malabag, turned and ran from a crowd of people who… just…wanted…answers from their Prime Minister.

To Mr. Turnbull,

You may have caught on social media how the PNG public love the PNC led government. Well, at least that’s what the PNC government thinks.w2


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