Another case of police assault on buai sellers earning an honest living

By Charlie Clyde Tikaro
Dear NCD Police Officers, 

Which part of Police Act or Buai Ban Act gives you the full authority to punch innocent armless citizens or law breakers who cannot fight you back? Did they rob a bank?

The real criminals are our politicians and top public office holders. Under the shadow of development, they defraud/rob the State and its people by stealing millions of kina and divert them into their personal accounts. Yet, you escorted them around as if they have committed nothing. 
When the betel nut ban was in place, politicians like David Arore and Kelly Naru still chew betel nuts while attending the Parliament sessions. What have you done to them? Even the outgoing Health Minister and one of the MP in Port Moresby Open electorate Michael Malabag still goes around chewing betel nuts. What have you done to them for failing to adhere to the policy in place?

The Yoga Prophet Powes Parkop has already uplifted his failed life-removing million kina cost useless Buai Ban Policy after removing lives of about 3 or 4 Port Moresby citizens, in what was known as cold blooded murder. 

If our citizens failed to adhere to the instructions from NCDC, just charge them. They are not your punching bags. 
Do you have a mother? Do you have a father? You must come from a well-off family so it is easy for you to lay your punch on them. 
You have done it to the ordinary citizens. You have done it to the civil societies. You have done it to the students. 
When will you stop? Is punching unarmed ordinary PNGeans falls under the 6 months training you received from Bomana Police College?
The queue of unemployment is getting bigger and bigger every year. Some are parents doing street sales trying to meet the school fees and daily needs of their children attending secondary and tertiary institutions. 
Have some respect. It is more easy to take them to the police station and lay appropriate charge on them than punching them helplessly.


One thought on “Another case of police assault on buai sellers earning an honest living

  1. For how long are we gonna see our own people whom we swore on oath to serve being innocently bruised for making their own ends to survive.Our creator above is observing and will surely reward all that we do.Time is already catching us and we will not escape.


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