Malabag tells voters, he “don’t give a SHIT” about public opinion

I am Malabag and Malabag is from Oroi Village in Nara/Gabadi LLG of Kairuku in Central Province.My mum is from Mabudawan Village,Western Province,Moveave in Gulf  Province.

Mum is also from Hula in Central Province and big village HB.I served my Country 43 years out of my 58 so far on this earth in Public Service,Trade Unions,Community and in Politics.As a result I have been awarded 6 Medals which include Distinguished Public Service Medal,Long Service Medal,Independence Medal,OBE,CBE and Queens Jubilee Medal..that is recognition for my Service to PNG and no Johnny come lately on fb will ever change my achievements.

Only 2 Politicians have served as Caddies on the Golf Course and that is me and my late Bro Bill Skate.I was a Caddy for 15 years just to survive.I became leader of my family at the tender age of 12 to assist my single mother and 9 siblings.
The point I am making is I don’t give a shit what is posted on fb about me as only from pen pushers having their only makes me more stronger.


One thought on “Malabag tells voters, he “don’t give a SHIT” about public opinion

  1. Good Sir, no offence but your experiences could have been translated into usefulness by providing services to your MNW electorate who mandated you…sorry but not much happened compared to your other counterparts during your term.


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