Open letter to POMGEN CEO by Talitha Rosenberg

abel selfie
Charles Abel, Planning Minister,  selfie in POM GEN

Since last Friday there is no doctors available to attend to any sick patients while waiting desperately at the Emergency Department to be attended.

On Saturday night @ 08:45pm, we had to rushed our mate to the Emergency Department only to be told there is no doctors available and we have to wait. Before that we have to purchase an exercise book as his health record book to have his name registered first before he could be attended by the male nurse on duty before being referred to a doctor. We did so as told. We approached the security guard where to get an exercise book and was told they sell it for K5 per book when it cost 0.50 in the stationery shop. Isn’t the hospital suppose to provide a health book or sheet?

arore selfie
Picture by David Arore, Ijivitari MP

From time to time we checked on the availability of the doctor’s only to told there is none available. Only a lone male nurse on duty is attending to the long queues of patients waiting since morning which has not been attended. We waited till 03:00am and left the hospital since our mate’s name has not been registered yet neither the backlog of Saturday morning/afternoon patients has not been attended to.

Was told by some patients, Friday onward there is no doctors available till Monday or Tuesday. I beg to ask, what kind of hospital in particular Emergency Department is PNG running? I

Our mate went back to the hospital yesterday morning and to his disbelief there is no doctors available for both the Outpatient and Emergency Department. The hospital were overcrowded with long queues of sick patients.

Where is PNG heading to? Our mate condition is taking a toll with great discomfort and believe others may also be in the same state or even worst.

The Emergency Department need a complete overhaul and renovation to look more conducive with spacious waiting and sitting capacity. At current, even a healthy person who walk into the Emergency Department will feel nauseous.


2 thoughts on “Open letter to POMGEN CEO by Talitha Rosenberg

  1. I was in Port moresby in November to early December. My nephew had severe stomach pains and as a registered nurse here in Australia found the ED Department and their triage department was an appalling sight. I felt sorry for how poorly the health department was ran. Even for an isolated unit was not isolated as I could see a woman with HIV walking in and out of that unit using the basin to cough up and spit in the basin. Health and safety as well as prevention of viruses was not in place. My heart sank as I come from there. What is the health minister doing about the conditions of a public hospital??? Even now knowing there is no Doctors available is more heartbreaking. I don’t know whether to be angry or just cry to my country that is so much lacking the health care the people need.


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