We have a f**ked up health system and Government must admit the truth!


The Government must tell the truth about the state of health in the country.   District clinics and health posts are suffering from a lack of medicine and supplies while politicians like Health Minister, Michael Malabag and many others go overseas for medical treatment.

Senior medical professionals including Dr. Sam Yokopua, have stated publicly that even big referral hospitals like Port Moresby General don’t have the basic medical supplies and consumables. He posted an appeal calling for public support.

If that is the case in Port Moresby, imagine what it must be like for the districts. Where has the money gone? We the people of Papua New Guinea want to know why the government still have a current contract with Borneo Pacific? It’s understood K20 million is paid every year? Michael Malabag can you explain the benefits of this deal?

Senior PNG citizens and residents are telling the government what’s happening yet no one listens.

From Lawrence Stevens:  “I listen to people who tell me that they are told in our local health clinics that they simply don’t have basic medical supplies to treat them for simple ailments. Here in Sapphire Creek sick people can go up to Sogeri or down to the clinics in the National Capital District. The stories they return with are so consistently different from the official stories of our elected officials it is as if we live in different countries, different worlds. How is it possible that our officials know that medical supplies are available and the people among whom I live report a very different reality. I think back to my own experience of dashing desperately around to find and purchase expensive medicine which our elected officials assure us are available in the clinics which tell us a different story.”

From Dr. Clement Malau, Former Health Secretary: “I would vote for a government that would set up a Commission of Inquiry into the health system performance over the years, including my tenure as Secretary for Health. Let us all be transparent and see how the health systems have evolved and plan to sort out the issues once and for all. As a public health professional we all need to be accountable for the unnecessary burden of health in the country.”

From David Wissink, Chairman of Angau Hospital Board: “The system is wrecked – I’m chairman of ANGAU but we can’t build facilities fast enough to cater for the influx from the rural areas of Morobe with no functioning health facilities in most LLG areas or Districts. Although we’re getting a very heavy contribution of funds from the Australian government our own government can’t be bothered to dip their hand in their pockets for counterpart funding which they’d agreed with Rudd in 2013 however a K300 million investment for the penis gourd plaza Hilton is warranted.”


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