Have Pangu Pati executives been paid off to break Pangu? 

Dear Mr.  Tovebae [General Secretary of Pangu] 
and Mr. Pundao, [President of Pangu]

We want to know why you are pushing for  disunity and fragmentation of a party resurrected by Sam Basil and the people of Papua New Guinea through their own contributions?

 Have you been paid off to create chaos and disunity? 

You both as General Secretary and President should be the first ones to 
support the leadership  and act as a bulwark against outside forces. Instead you are allowing 
political rivals to influence and exploit your differences. You don’t represent 
the nation or the people.

You are both self serving, greedy and small minded.

 Why would you even endorse another candidate for the Bulolo Open seat? Whose interest do you represent? 
Who is Kipusing Tagit? What has he or you done for the people of Bulolo?

Bai yutupla formim  gavman coalition ah? 
Useless self-serving f###s!

Yours truly

Kiputung YasimK1 contributor


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