What we know so far about these guys



  • They are NOT part of a  government agency.
  • They are Private Military Contractors.
  • They are ex-military
  • The official explanation from top cops is that they are part of a ‘US Navy Seal Team’ here to train our cops in anti-terrorism methods. That story is believed by the rank and file.
  • Real story is that some people high up authorized their entry.  Their presence is ‘political in nature’ according to sources.  They are also providing security for certain people in the high echelons of government.
  • They have, effectively, infiltrated command and control systems within the RPNGC.
  • They are/maybe  in breach of the constitution
  • They are using the general fascination of guns by Papua New Guinean  as part of their subtle PR drive to condition people including children to accept them.
  • They are taking advantage of the images we see in movies and playing on that stereotypical view of them as heroes.
  • Apart from a few, the cops are too stupid to question their presence.



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