Leo Dion’s lawyer tries to gag PNGLoop over incest case


Lawyers claiming to represent Deputy Prime Minister,  Leo Dion, have threatened to sue PNG Loop saying the incest claims the media company was following were false.

But this is not the first time the bold Knight of the British Empire has tried to silence people who tried to sniff out the truth.  We do know he used his power and influence to stop police investigations.

Police are cowards. They can’t arrest people like “Sir” Incest because ’em bikman tumas.’

Now they are making up excuses like ‘a vetting committe needs to decide’ if they can investigate the incestuous beast.

He took advantage of his two orphaned two nieces who were in his care. The community knows and police know.

Why can’t he be arrested? Yupla poret?





2 thoughts on “Leo Dion’s lawyer tries to gag PNGLoop over incest case

  1. No one is above the law. If the rumours are false, allow yourself to be investigated. Incest is a criminal offense and does no require vetting of a committee.. The truth is all we want. I commend PNGLoop in your efforts to rekindle investigative journalism. Lets bring out stories that have worth.


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