Corrupt Madang journalist exposed in Facebook post

Dorothy Mark works for National Newspaper in Madang. She has been known to solicit money from people she reports on. She’s also known to send invoices to district administration on behalf of Madang MP Nixon Duban.Latest news, is that she got the Election Manager for Madang Peter Yasaro to sign a letter with the Electoral Commission letterhead. The letter seeks funds from business houses in Madang to pay for allowances for Madang journalists covering the election.Dorothy Mark doesn’t think that it is unethical to get businesses to pay journalists to cover the election. In fact, she’s done it for so long that it has become second nature to her. Can the National Newspaper sack Dorothy Mark. So many people in Madang know about what she does.

Leo Dion’s lawyer tries to gag PNGLoop over incest case


Lawyers claiming to represent Deputy Prime Minister,  Leo Dion, have threatened to sue PNG Loop saying the incest claims the media company was following were false.

But this is not the first time the bold Knight of the British Empire has tried to silence people who tried to sniff out the truth.  We do know he used his power and influence to stop police investigations.

Police are cowards. They can’t arrest people like “Sir” Incest because ’em bikman tumas.’

Now they are making up excuses like ‘a vetting committe needs to decide’ if they can investigate the incestuous beast.

He took advantage of his two orphaned two nieces who were in his care. The community knows and police know.

Why can’t he be arrested? Yupla poret?




What we know so far about these guys



  • They are NOT part of a  government agency.
  • They are Private Military Contractors.
  • They are ex-military
  • The official explanation from top cops is that they are part of a ‘US Navy Seal Team’ here to train our cops in anti-terrorism methods. That story is believed by the rank and file.
  • Real story is that some people high up authorized their entry.  Their presence is ‘political in nature’ according to sources.  They are also providing security for certain people in the high echelons of government.
  • They have, effectively, infiltrated command and control systems within the RPNGC.
  • They are/maybe  in breach of the constitution
  • They are using the general fascination of guns by Papua New Guinean  as part of their subtle PR drive to condition people including children to accept them.
  • They are taking advantage of the images we see in movies and playing on that stereotypical view of them as heroes.
  • Apart from a few, the cops are too stupid to question their presence.


Brian says he won’t be avoiding arrest. So yeah, go arrest him in Madang


Around midday yesterday (12/05/17) I started to receive messages from sources to warn me that there were plans to have me arrested at Jackson’s Domestic Airport.

Normally I ignore such rumors but it was under the same circumstances I was arrested back in November 2014 by 14 members of Police Force following my article about the Ombudsman Commission’s decision to refer Peter O’Neill to Leadership Tribunal over K3 Billion UBS loan.

The charges against me were conspiracy to commit murder, of course they were falsified and ultimately failed.

Now I understand following my recent articles involving the Prime Minister including exposing high-level corruption there are some people in high places who are feeling extremely uneasy.

I responded to the messages it would be unlikely I would be arrested today on account I was in Madang attending International Nurses Day at Modilon General Hospital.

I received an invite to speak at the event in recognition of my work in the community including transporting sick women and children to hospital from remote parts of the province.

On the assumption the rumors are true I would like to advise those behind it that please feel free to travel to Madang to effect my arrest.

You will find me driving on my own without an armed police or security escort. I spend most of time in rural villages among real people struggling to get by on account our Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has stolen or mismanaged funds that were suppose to provide them with a better life.

Unlike Peter O’Neill I won’t be avoiding arrest by running off and hiding in Parliament, or the in case of his accomplice Paul Paraka who was arrested back 2013 in a dawn raid at Gavuone village. Police believed he was hiding out after failing to obtain a stay order in court to prevent his arrest.

It will certainly be interesting to see what charges they come up with this time. ; )