John Kaupa, You are are disgrace!

Kaupa copy

John Kaupa,

You are a fool and a political prostitute! Your promiscuity deserves several awards of the highest order.   For 20 years you walked the streets as a failed politician in Port Moresby. You tried and failed against the likes of Casper Wollom. People didn’t want to vote for you. They saw you for who your are – a corrupt, self-serving bastard.

Your failed attempts at politics clearly showed you that you are a fake leader. You succeeded in this election ONLY because of Kerenga Kua’s credibility. Otherwise, you are nothing.

Kerenga Kua’s brilliance, credibility and national standing sanitized your sorry reputation as a thug and gutter rat.

The Simbus who voted for you in Port Moresby, voted not because of you but because of Kerenga Kua.

They voted because a good man was head of the party that endorsed you. They voted because a good Simbu was in charge.

Simbus are a proud group of people. Their pride and reputation has been tainted by your poor representation of them.

You are a traitor and disgrace. Simbus and the people of Moresby North East do not deserve this.



Third attempt to kidnap an MP…This time in Simbu!

kidRetired Major General Jerry Singirok and East Sepik Governor elect, Allan Bird, have reported that helicopter was used by criminal elements within the PNGDF in an attempt to kidnap the Kerowagi MP elect Bari Palmer.

The soldiers also bashed up supporters and burnt a vehicle. A senior PNGDF officer is reported to have been arrested after he attempted to smuggle the writ to a different location.

Governor elect for ESP, Allan Bird, who witnessed the attempted kidnapping of Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere, on Thursday called for immediate intervention by the PNGDF commander.

“3rd attempt to kidnap currently underway. PNGDF using a yellow chopper road blocked PNG Party declared candidate in Chuave and are in the process committing this act!”

On Thursday, PNC thugs led by failed politician, David Arore, tried to kidnap Richard Masere at Jacksons Airport.

Open letter to Charles Abel & Richard Maru: Lusim PNC


Dear Charles Abel and Richard Maru,

We urge you both to leave the PNC camp and join with the good, right thinking   MPs gathering in Kokopo now.

You both are too intelligent to have your names and reputations dragged through the mud by being associated with Peter O’Neill and his thugs.

The PNC and desperate “Kaikai man” laik David Arore are willing to threaten and kidnap MPs. By association, you are guilty of serious crimes.    By association, you are also guilty of the most recent attempt to hijack another MP in the Western Province.

You have to come away from this disgraceful criminal actions done by the PNC and its supporters. Papua New Guinea needs your wisdom and leadership along with Sam Basil, Dr. Allan Marat and Kerenga Kua.

You might not like some of them, but we know you can work with them. They are reasonable people who, like you, have the people interests at heart.

We urge you to move over. Do not be afraid to make the move and the time is now.

Resign from PNC. Leave them to rot from the inside. The rot is already showing. It stinks of criminals who are willing to do anything for power.

Corrupt Madang journalist exposed in Facebook post

Dorothy Mark works for National Newspaper in Madang. She has been known to solicit money from people she reports on. She’s also known to send invoices to district administration on behalf of Madang MP Nixon Duban.Latest news, is that she got the Election Manager for Madang Peter Yasaro to sign a letter with the Electoral Commission letterhead. The letter seeks funds from business houses in Madang to pay for allowances for Madang journalists covering the election.Dorothy Mark doesn’t think that it is unethical to get businesses to pay journalists to cover the election. In fact, she’s done it for so long that it has become second nature to her. Can the National Newspaper sack Dorothy Mark. So many people in Madang know about what she does.