PNC’s “out-of-touch-with-reality” multi-million kina campaign run by Australians

So for the PNC, its not about policies and the people but about staying in power. Policies come second and people come last.   It really doesn’t matter what is said on their Facebook page.

The campaign costing millions of   kina is run by a group of Australians who are taking their que from a handful of ‘coconuts’ and ‘Oreos’ who don’t really understand Papua New Guinea themselves.

The tone of the FB page is elitist and blatantly suggests that Papua New Guineans are simple creatures who respond to bright warm colors and the hashtag #PNC4PNG plagiarized from the students they suppressed in the #UPNG4PNG/UOT4PNG campaign.


p2In one of the pictures, Peter O’Neill, is hugged by a supporter. The text reads: “We love our Prime Minister, don’t we folks”

Another post praises Justin Tktachenko for his dance moves while another proclaims that PNG and Tewai Siassi is with Mao Zeming, the Deputy leader of the PNC.

P1What tops it all off is a post that rivals Kim Jong Un’s propaganda statements. This is the one that says: “The World Loves Peter O’Neill. Never before has Papua New Guinea had a Prime Minister that is so respected and appreciated on the world stage. Under his leadership the world is starting to take notice of Papua New Guinea. Whether it is rubbing shoulders with Barack Obama, negotiating with Xi Jinping or laughing with Justin Trudeau, Peter O’Neill is the first PNG Prime Minister to be taken seriously by the world’s leaders.”

Open letter to POMGEN CEO by Talitha Rosenberg

abel selfie
Charles Abel, Planning Minister,  selfie in POM GEN

Since last Friday there is no doctors available to attend to any sick patients while waiting desperately at the Emergency Department to be attended.

On Saturday night @ 08:45pm, we had to rushed our mate to the Emergency Department only to be told there is no doctors available and we have to wait. Before that we have to purchase an exercise book as his health record book to have his name registered first before he could be attended by the male nurse on duty before being referred to a doctor. We did so as told. We approached the security guard where to get an exercise book and was told they sell it for K5 per book when it cost 0.50 in the stationery shop. Isn’t the hospital suppose to provide a health book or sheet?

arore selfie
Picture by David Arore, Ijivitari MP

From time to time we checked on the availability of the doctor’s only to told there is none available. Only a lone male nurse on duty is attending to the long queues of patients waiting since morning which has not been attended. We waited till 03:00am and left the hospital since our mate’s name has not been registered yet neither the backlog of Saturday morning/afternoon patients has not been attended to.

Was told by some patients, Friday onward there is no doctors available till Monday or Tuesday. I beg to ask, what kind of hospital in particular Emergency Department is PNG running? I

Our mate went back to the hospital yesterday morning and to his disbelief there is no doctors available for both the Outpatient and Emergency Department. The hospital were overcrowded with long queues of sick patients.

Where is PNG heading to? Our mate condition is taking a toll with great discomfort and believe others may also be in the same state or even worst.

The Emergency Department need a complete overhaul and renovation to look more conducive with spacious waiting and sitting capacity. At current, even a healthy person who walk into the Emergency Department will feel nauseous.

We have a f**ked up health system and Government must admit the truth!


The Government must tell the truth about the state of health in the country.   District clinics and health posts are suffering from a lack of medicine and supplies while politicians like Health Minister, Michael Malabag and many others go overseas for medical treatment.

Senior medical professionals including Dr. Sam Yokopua, have stated publicly that even big referral hospitals like Port Moresby General don’t have the basic medical supplies and consumables. He posted an appeal calling for public support.

If that is the case in Port Moresby, imagine what it must be like for the districts. Where has the money gone? We the people of Papua New Guinea want to know why the government still have a current contract with Borneo Pacific? It’s understood K20 million is paid every year? Michael Malabag can you explain the benefits of this deal?

Senior PNG citizens and residents are telling the government what’s happening yet no one listens.

From Lawrence Stevens:  “I listen to people who tell me that they are told in our local health clinics that they simply don’t have basic medical supplies to treat them for simple ailments. Here in Sapphire Creek sick people can go up to Sogeri or down to the clinics in the National Capital District. The stories they return with are so consistently different from the official stories of our elected officials it is as if we live in different countries, different worlds. How is it possible that our officials know that medical supplies are available and the people among whom I live report a very different reality. I think back to my own experience of dashing desperately around to find and purchase expensive medicine which our elected officials assure us are available in the clinics which tell us a different story.”

From Dr. Clement Malau, Former Health Secretary: “I would vote for a government that would set up a Commission of Inquiry into the health system performance over the years, including my tenure as Secretary for Health. Let us all be transparent and see how the health systems have evolved and plan to sort out the issues once and for all. As a public health professional we all need to be accountable for the unnecessary burden of health in the country.”

From David Wissink, Chairman of Angau Hospital Board: “The system is wrecked – I’m chairman of ANGAU but we can’t build facilities fast enough to cater for the influx from the rural areas of Morobe with no functioning health facilities in most LLG areas or Districts. Although we’re getting a very heavy contribution of funds from the Australian government our own government can’t be bothered to dip their hand in their pockets for counterpart funding which they’d agreed with Rudd in 2013 however a K300 million investment for the penis gourd plaza Hilton is warranted.”

Another case of police assault on buai sellers earning an honest living

By Charlie Clyde Tikaro
Dear NCD Police Officers, 

Which part of Police Act or Buai Ban Act gives you the full authority to punch innocent armless citizens or law breakers who cannot fight you back? Did they rob a bank?

The real criminals are our politicians and top public office holders. Under the shadow of development, they defraud/rob the State and its people by stealing millions of kina and divert them into their personal accounts. Yet, you escorted them around as if they have committed nothing. 
When the betel nut ban was in place, politicians like David Arore and Kelly Naru still chew betel nuts while attending the Parliament sessions. What have you done to them? Even the outgoing Health Minister and one of the MP in Port Moresby Open electorate Michael Malabag still goes around chewing betel nuts. What have you done to them for failing to adhere to the policy in place?

The Yoga Prophet Powes Parkop has already uplifted his failed life-removing million kina cost useless Buai Ban Policy after removing lives of about 3 or 4 Port Moresby citizens, in what was known as cold blooded murder. 

If our citizens failed to adhere to the instructions from NCDC, just charge them. They are not your punching bags. 
Do you have a mother? Do you have a father? You must come from a well-off family so it is easy for you to lay your punch on them. 
You have done it to the ordinary citizens. You have done it to the civil societies. You have done it to the students. 
When will you stop? Is punching unarmed ordinary PNGeans falls under the 6 months training you received from Bomana Police College?
The queue of unemployment is getting bigger and bigger every year. Some are parents doing street sales trying to meet the school fees and daily needs of their children attending secondary and tertiary institutions. 
Have some respect. It is more easy to take them to the police station and lay appropriate charge on them than punching them helplessly.

Malabag tells voters, he “don’t give a SHIT” about public opinion

I am Malabag and Malabag is from Oroi Village in Nara/Gabadi LLG of Kairuku in Central Province.My mum is from Mabudawan Village,Western Province,Moveave in Gulf  Province.

Mum is also from Hula in Central Province and big village HB.I served my Country 43 years out of my 58 so far on this earth in Public Service,Trade Unions,Community and in Politics.As a result I have been awarded 6 Medals which include Distinguished Public Service Medal,Long Service Medal,Independence Medal,OBE,CBE and Queens Jubilee Medal..that is recognition for my Service to PNG and no Johnny come lately on fb will ever change my achievements.

Only 2 Politicians have served as Caddies on the Golf Course and that is me and my late Bro Bill Skate.I was a Caddy for 15 years just to survive.I became leader of my family at the tender age of 12 to assist my single mother and 9 siblings.
The point I am making is I don’t give a shit what is posted on fb about me as only from pen pushers having their only makes me more stronger.

PM’s Port Moresby police assault men, women & children in Popondetta

po1Can the Prime Minister explain why a group of policemen who  were flown in to Popondetta yesterday as part of the security detail saw fit to hold a group of men, women and children and physically and verbally assault them?

Residents have posted in Facebook  clear evidence of the abuse at gunpoint.  A group traveling into town to welcome the Prime Minister were ordered at gunpoint to lie on the ground. They were kicked and punched.  The group included some children. It is not clear if the children were also assaulted by police.

The Post Courier reported the PNC side of the story ONLY and ignored what the PM’s police bodyguards did.

Hubert Isemba said:  “This is what happened in Popondetta Town yesterday. Villagers traveling into Popondetta Town to be part of the Program to open the New Theater been subjected to abuse and threats by Police flown in from Port Moresby. The Villagers were told to disembark from the vehicle they were traveling in and told to lay on the ground and subjected to abuse BOTH physical and verbal”

Turnbull supported PNC led Government whipped by Papua New Guinea public

So this very corrupt PNC led government supported by Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull’s is being told to piss off in several places.

In Mendi, the oversized, potbellied pig of an MP, William Powi, and his delegation were chased. One of the 10-seaters or 5 doors, we assume, hit and killed a potential voter. But the icing on the cake came moments later when angry voters stripped a public toilet worth – according to PNC estimates – K3million. That’s government spending for you, right there. An ‘important’ project.

The PNC led government, who by the way love the Manus Prison Center deal, now has a Facebook page that is attacking the alternative government of Don Polye and Gary Juffa. Just so you know, Gary Juffa doesn’t share the same fondness of you that good ol’ Pete does.w3

So the PNC briefcase carriers, Arore and Malabag, turned and ran from a crowd of people who… just…wanted…answers from their Prime Minister.

To Mr. Turnbull,

You may have caught on social media how the PNG public love the PNC led government. Well, at least that’s what the PNC government thinks.w2