British alien, Richard Martin, sends sexually abusive messages to PNG woman on FB


Richard Martin is a British man who has been residing at Bubia Primary School in Lae. He came to Lae, allegedly, to follow up on his unpaid entitlements owed to him by Bola Motors, the Chinese Company he worked for. I have no issues with that.

However, he has verbally abused security guards, accused policemen of receiving bribery money. He is constantly online issuing veiled insults on Facebook against Papua New Guineans. He thinks PNGeans are stupid, uneducated and weak. He insulted the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill.   Going further to post his number on Facebook daring the PM to call him if he was unhappy.

The guy lacks cultural sensitivity and decency.

He tries to gain legitimacy by raising funds for Bubia Primary School. He goes into the classrooms and forces students whose parents don’t have a regular income to buy tickets. At one point he used foul language to drive home his point to children. People are intimidated by this ugly character.

He has been abusive to officers at the Foreign Affairs office. He has been rude to police officers and security guards without considering the fact the he is a GUEST in this country and this IS OUR country. He mocked lawyer Simon Ketan about his job and Ketan’s five kids.

He also attached immigration boss Solomon Kantha while pursuing his case against Bola.   At Bubia Primary School, Richard has taken over a classroom calling it Alexia’s Room after his daughter. He walks about like he owns the place. He raised a British flag on PNG government property and insist on the school administration doing things his way.

Richard Martin is a misogynist who has little respect for women. He sees them as sex objects.    For this FOREIGNER to come to my country and hurl coarse, verbal, sexual abuse at a PNG woman in her own country is simply unacceptable to me.



PNG has enough cases of abuse against women, we don’t need a foreigner who thinks he is superior coming here and abusing women in their own country. We don’t go to England and swear at your police, abuse your security guards and make sexual comments to your British women!I urge Natasha Panta to lay a complaint with Lae police and have this guy arrested for sexual harassment and cyber bullying. I cannot stand by and watch this visitor come into our home and abuse us.

What kind of person are you? Go home. You are not wanted


We demand harsher penalties for rapists


Dear Justice Minister,

If you won’t implement the death penalty   for rapists, the people will. We are sick and tired of assholes who think that rape is a god given right and they can take whoever they want from women and children.

We call on you to address the high rate of sexual assaults in the country. The community have acted because these lowlifes keep getting off free through the justice system.

We want them sentenced to death for raping children. If not, more balls will be cut off.


Child rapists have their balls but off by relatives of 10-year-old girl

Tripla turangu ya pilim pen na silip.

This reportedly happened in Sabama, Port Moresby.  Three child rapists were caught and their most prized possessions removed without anesthetic.   If you want to rape, make sure  yu rausim bol blo yu na lusim lo haus. Sapos nogat, ol brata na uncle blo pikinini bai rausim trasis blo yu na rausim bol blo yu.


If you can’t arrest the PM, GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Dear Gary Baki, 
As Commissioner of Police, your job is to uphold the laws of this country. Your actions say otherwise. Justice Makail stated very clearly that the laws are for everyone INCLUDING  the person who holds the office of the PM.  I repeat… The Office of the PM. You have done little to safeguard both the PM’s office and the COP’s office which, ultimately, belong to the citizens of Papua New Guinea. 

Why can’t you do your duty? Are you afraid of losing your job? 

Jerry Singirok demanded the resignation of Sir Julius as PM. He lost his job and gained support of millions of people. 

We expect you to do the right thing. We don’t want watered down press statements and excuses. 

You are a cop. Make the arrest!

Health Department media release says ‘Free’ Health Care is in trouble


This is a statement released by the National Department of Health. It says  that health facilities are having difficulty staying open because of a shortage of funds.

THE Government’s central agencies have been told in no uncertain terms that the financial crisis facing the health sector will mean some services have to be closed down unless funds come somewhere.

On Wednesday, while the newly-elected MPs sat in Parliament for the election of the new Prime Minister and the Speaker, it was business as usual for the public service: the three-day 2nd Quarter Budget Review for government sectors was on in which it was heard that the financial woes facing the government was serious.

Top health beaurecratics from around the country attending the review had also informed the central agencies that health facilities have to make money to stay open by charging fees; the user-pay policy was scraped under the Government’s free primary healthcare policy.

The other options would include diverting funds from areas like development programs to cater for essential services until the country is on a strong financial footing.

At the meeting were Deputy Health Secretary, National Health Policy & Corporate Services, Ms Elva Lionel; Executive Manager for Strategic Policy Mr Ken Wai; Executive Manager for Corporate Services Mr Paul Dopsie and representatives of the Christian Health Services and Chief Executive Officers of Hospitals and Provincial Health Authorities from around the country.

Chief Executive Officer for Milne Bay Provincial Health Authority Billy Naidi said the money earned from charging hospital fees in the previous years (prior to free healthcare policy) helped ensure they kept the services going when they did not receive their health grants on time.

“Our people will pay. If they can buy betelnut and smoke, they can pay for medicine too,’’ he said, as he tried to show in his presentation that the financial woes facing MBPHA was worse than it was previously.

“The people are saying, ‘when we paid we received the services. Now it is free but there is no medicine.’”

Mr Naidi said MBPHA cannot pay utility bills on time because this function has been centralised and they need money to pay a long list of retirees, a number of whom have died while waiting for their payouts, and the health grants being received by the provincial administration is not being given to the health sector as required by law.

CEOs from other provinces gave similar reports, saying changes to the Organic Law would take a long time to ensure health grants are given to the health services so they need support in policy amendments.

Speaking as a group, the health sector group also voiced that while the budget ceiling for all sectors is low, this could not be accepted for the health sector which is about saving lives.

They said lowering the budget any further would mean jeopardising the required standards of healthcare and thereby putting lives at risk.

“We deal with lives – it’s our job to save lives,’’ said Mr Wai. Similar sentiments were expressed by Mr Dopsie and hospital CEOs who said patients’ lives were being put in danger when bills for electricity and water were not being paid on time.

Concerns raised on the cash flow problems also included not paying some health workers for long periods of time and not being able to pay rentals for medical staff. The budget cut will also affect the medical supplies enormously.

Ms Lionel highlighted the immediate priorities of the health sector, including addressing major diseases facing the country and new reforms being made to improve the supply chain of the medical supplies. Also, she said the country was also already in danger of seeing disease outbreaks because it has very low immunisation coverage rates.

The central agencies – departments of Personnel Management, Planning and Treasury – have in response asked to work together to address the issues highlighted in the health sector.

Government hospital move to make money off snake bite victims Condemned!

snakeyThe Charles Campbell Toxinology Centre condemns the decision by PMGH management to charge snakebite patients a K15000 fee for antivenom. We have provided hundreds of vials of antivenom to patients at PMGH, and at no time have we ever charged any fee, and as long as we continue to provide expert services to manage patients at PMGH, we will never charge any fee for any antivenom product we provide to the hospital for the treatment of any patient.
We understand that there are times when no antivenom is available to the hospital from the AMS through Department of Health purchasing. This is because the Department does not purchase adequate supplies, nor do they consult us as to advice on which antivenom to purchase or where to distribute them, despite our constant willingness to assist them in any way possible. However the decision by PMGH to seek full cost recovery from patients with absolutely no financial means whatsoever to pay such a fee is short-sighted, poorly considered and need to be reviewed immediately. The new government is urged to immediately release funds to support the operation of the hospital and the supply of life-saving services and medicines, including antivenom. Unless the PMGH decision is reversed it will turn back the clock on increasingly positive health-seeking behaviors that have seen snakebite patient numbers rise to between 300-400 cases/year, but case fatality drop to record lows, since our clinic in the emergency department opened in 2013. It will make people opt to stay in their communities and rely on traditional treatments that are both unsafe and ineffective. This can only lead to an increase in snakebite deaths.
We urge the CEO and the Board of Directors to rescind this decision and guarantee all snakebite patients access to antivenom to the full extent possible. We will continue to provide antivenom we have to the hospital at no cost whatsoever.